Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weiners for Monday!

Oh, wait, I meant winners. Silly me.

So I have applied the extremely unbiased science of names in a hat and come up with some lucky weiners. I mean, winners. They are as follows:

lauren murphy (I listed her first because she said she loved me. Sure, she said it in a comment on Leah's post, but I know she meant me.)




You all can email me at kirstensaell (at) yahoo (dot) com and let me know which of my ebooks you would prefer (Crossing Swords and Healer's Touch are available now, Bound by Steel is out on October 14th if you're willing to wait), and what format you'd like them in.

Of course, once you've read them, if you all get the sudden urge to talk me up to all your friends and expound upon my brilliance, well, that's entirely your call... :D


JenB said...

Woohoo! Wieners! I love wieners! :D

Yay, I won something. I'll do some research and then I'll email you. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

how the hell did I miss this?

*kicks RSS feed*

Thanks, doll! Next time I make a sandwich, I'll totally be thinking of you, you know that, right?

Will email!

kirsten saell said...

Did someone say sandwich? *ahem*