Sunday, November 15, 2009

This! What a short story should be- pimpage

First Taste
by Paisley Smith

It's FREEEEEE! Get thee over to Ellora's Cave to read/download this story.

It’s Natalie’s ten-year high school reunion and she’s reluctantly joined the planning committee. Things start to look up, though, when she finds that Haley Moore is on the committee—and she’s even more gorgeous than Natalie remembered.

Ten years before, Natalie and Haley had experimented sexually together, but when high school ended, they went their separate ways. Their unexpected reunion finds them ready to make up for lost time, both in bed and out.

Yeah, skip over the fact that there's a man and woman on the cover. I discovered that all of EC's free reads have this cover, no matter what the content.

To my regular readers. I've been bitching like hell about all the crappy short stories I've been reading. You can see in my reviews that I get rather pissed off with spending good money, and in some cases a ridiculous amount per word count, on short stories that suck. Short stories that have no emotional connection between characters, but just disconnected sex many times.

Or, there's a nice connection, but it's just too incomplete with big old gaping holes, leaving me a bit dissatisfied.

I've reached the point where I'm very leery about BUYING short stories even though I do like shorter books due to time constraints and being a slow reader.

But then comes along this little gem written by Paisley Smith. And, even better, IT'S FREE!!!

This is what chaps my ass. Here's a perfect little short story that kind of has it all. It's a very hawt and steamy, but loving story about two women together. There's just enough background to get where each woman is coming from, how they feel about each other, and it's complete.

Even though this story is basically one huge sex scene with a little bit of background, I can really feel that these two women really want each other, that they have a need to be with each other. It's totally right for both and flows so smoothly. Nice characters, great sex, no big holes and a perfect wrap up. It's just one of those satisfying reads all around the block. And the sex, yowza!

So why can't a publisher offer these kinds of books more often? If I would have paid for this story I would have walked away feeling like it was worth it, unlike several I've read recently in which I felt ripped off.

Since I loved First Taste so much I'll pimp Paisley Smith's new book just out, Birthday Girl, which is available at Ellora's Cave. I haven't read it yet so I don't know if it's as good as First Taste, but I do have hopes since this is exactly what I love to read.

It’s Gemma’s thirty-second birthday. She’s not surprised when her gorgeous husband Nate whips out the blindfold and orders her to bend over for a birthday spanking. What does surprise her is that Nate has enlisted the help of a friend. Another woman!

Lindsey is a sexy Bohemian artist who has starred in Gemma’s fantasies for a long while. She doesn’t know what will happen beyond this single night of scorching sex play, but for now, Gemma fully intends to enjoy every new touch, taste, sight and sound her “birthday gift” has to offer.


Amy C said...

Thank you for the info :). I just downloaded it and think I'll give it a read now.

Paisley Smith said...

Thanks for the fab review! I'm glad you liked First Taste.

MB (Leah) said...

I'm curious what you think Amy.

Paisley, I'm so glad you have another f/f in the works.

Cathy in AK said...

I was a bit thrown by the cover and blurb, wondering if Haley was perhaps going through a female-to-male trans : )

I don't read a lot of shorts or a lot of erotica, but that seems to be the more popular format for f/f. As a freebie with such a rave review, I may give this one a whirl : )

MB (Leah) said...

Cathy-- yeah, short stories with f/f, or m/m do tend towards being more erotica oriented with lots of sex. Although there have been a few that don't have lots of sex.

I think though that since most epubs that do offer short stories are geared to the erotica/ erotic romance reader, they happen to be more predominant.

What's the most important to me though is that there is some positive connection between the characters and it's not just sex. Otherwise I can just pop in a porn flick or watch something on youporn.

With a story I want something more than two people just doing it.

I also find it important that if a short story that it be fairly complete and wrapped up without huge holes.

In this case, even though there's lots of sex, mostly sex, I got off on the way the girls related the most.

Jill Sorenson said...

Sounds hot! I'm going to pick up both stories. Thanks!!

M. A. said...

I really enjoyed "First Taste." I loved the characterizations and the romantica. Nice work, Paisley, and thank you for sharing this wonderful story with readers gratis. I'm looking forward to more stories from you.