Saturday, December 26, 2009

This and That

To our regular readers, we hope you had a nice holiday time no matter what you celebrate.

I haven't been posting to much these days mostly due to being in school full time again and other sundry life issues, and I know Kirsten's been very busy. So this little blog has been neglected for a long time. I am trying to read as much as possible to get a few reviews in before school starts up again on the 4th, but I'm also enjoying my free time with the DH who's also off until then. I enjoy reading other genres also and have a bunch of m/f and m/m that I'm itching to read as well, so it's a balancing act.

I've downloaded quite a few f/f books since there's been a huge sale at Fictionwise these last few weeks. Many books are 50% off, which is a great deal for me to try out some books I'd balk at buying normally. Loveyoudivine Books, I'm talking to you. I hope there are a few gems in that pile, but I'll let you know either way. If you've been Jonesen to try out a particular f/f but didn't want to buy, now's the time to get it cheap.

Today I was perusing Lesbian.Pro, a blog that offers the latest news from all over about anything lesbian, looking for a good movie to watch and review, and I came across this commercial posted. I thought it's rather fun and brave of Johnny Walker to do it. Although I've not seen it on TV, pffft!

On that Johnny Walker note, have a fun bringing in the New Year!


Cathy in AK said...

Bravo, Johnny Walker! What a sweet ad.

And bravo for you, Leah, being back in school. I hope it's going well.

I've been in a funk, reading-wise, and can't seem to find much of anything that appeals at the moment. Perhaps a look at Fictionwise and few short pieces will kick-start my reading libido : P

All my best to you, Kirsten and your families in the coming year!

MB (Leah) said...

Hey Cathy-- I hear you on the funk. I go through those, like most readers I suppose.

I did pick up some f/f fantasy and sci-fi, which I know you like, although they seem to be lesbian rather than bi oriented. Quite a few of the books I already have my doubts about being half way decent. Ugh. LOL I can always hope for the best. But getting them on sale at least take some of the bite out of being pissed off if they suck.