Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book sale!!!

First, In case you're not on Twitter following SmartBitches or their blog, they've put up an announcement that :

All Romance ebooks and OmniLit are having a 50% off all their books if you use the code word: SBTBARe1

This is a great time to get all those f/f books that you've been dying (snort) to get, for 1/2 price. This is when I go shopping for books of those pubs who charge ridiculous money for their books and also to try new authors.

It's just a great deal anyway and it will end tomorrow. Jan 31.

There are also a few free books offered, which is a great deal. I download Tides of Desire a few weeks ago when it was offered free and it's a cute story. It's nicely written and had some nice imagery, but it ended abruptly, leaving me wondering what the hell?

It's free so I'm not going to complain. But since it started out so nice, would have been nice to follow through a bit more. It's a good taste of the author's writing though.

I will also download, free, To Love and to Cherish, a book that I

think was just published about lesbian love and marriage. It's got stories in it from many of the authors I've reviewed and liked. even if it is put out by the dreaded Loveyoudivine pub, I'm sure some will be really good.

I'll probably pick up some Bold Strokes Books as well since they are the same price in ebook as paper, usually around $12.95. Otherwise, I don't buy them in ebook.

It's also a good time to just buy any book you've been lusting over.

Happy book buying!


JenB said...

I bought 12 ebooks today because of you. Enablers!

LVLM said...

Enablers is right! Everyone and their motheres were re-tweeting it ALL DAY. LOL

I picked up 14. ack! All f/f or f/f/m. I hope there's at least one or two decent ones in there dangit.

Cathy in AK said...

Do let us know if you find some gems : )

LVLM said...

Heh Cathy, I downloaded a few Bold Strokes books, which are strictly lesbian. A few f/f/m, or I hope so. Some short, some long. I wanted to buy a Sarah Walters book, but there version is slapped with all this DRM that my reader can't read. :( It's the same story with all her books at all vendors.

It's very hard to find any bi oriented stories. Alas.

But I hope there's something good in the lot I got.

I went shopping during xmas at Fictionwise's sale and it's been a mixed bag. Ugh.

Am reading one story now that's soooo emo, I maybe want to slit my throat. *sigh*

Jill Sorenson said...

Can't resist a great sale, lol. I bought some ebooks that I've seen on your sidebar. Maybe I'll write a guest review if I like one...

LVLM said...

You know Jill, you and anyone else are always welcome to post a review or say whatever. I hope whatever you got, you enjoy. It's so hard to find good f/f.