Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interesting Topic for curious women

On AfterEllen the other day, there was a vlog done by two women, a couple, who give advice on straight girl crushing for lesbians.

First off, these two are so cute together. After watching this vid, I went to their web site and they have several advice videos that are all very interesting. Very insightful and useful for any type of relationship.

Anyway, I'm now following their blog because I like what they have to say.

Here is their vlog on lesbians crushing on straight girls. What I really liked was that they did mention that straight girls crush on lesbians and women in general as well. And the comments show that sexual fluidity is so much more common with women than men and that it can be confusing and weird to deal with at times. The link to the post, with comments here

LL 119 Straight-Girl Crushes from lacey stone on Vimeo.

And here is another vid that I enjoyed from Jessica and Lacy's blog

The title of this vlog is "What Kind of Gay Are You"-- I really loved what they had to say. It's all about just being yourself and not trying to fit a stereotype. Good words for all.

Lesbian Love ep 112 Gender Identity from lacey stone on Vimeo.


Cathy in AK said...

Can't get the imbedded vids to play : ( I'll have to try over at AfterEllen.

It's nice to see the idea of sexual fluidity getting a nod of acknowledgement, if not of complete understanding. I doubt anything about any point on the sexuality spectrum is completely understood : )

LVLM said...

Oh that sucks. Maybe you'll have better luck on after Ellen, or the girls' web site, where they are posted as well.

I like these two women because they're just real and not fitting into some stereotype.

kirsten saell said...

And OMG, Jessica is...holy crap. That neck, those lips, those eyes...yowza. I could watch that woman speak for hours.

Um...moving right along, what were they talking about again?

LVLM said...

You know what's so interesting... speaking of stereotypes, she looks like a femme and out of the two, I'd say just by looking that Lacy is the more dominant one.

However, when you watch the vids you can see that Jessica is dominant one kind of and she even says so. But she is attracted to the androgynous types.

I just think these two are so much fun really.

And speaking of out there, have you seen the latest Lady Gaga and Beyonce mini movie? Damn, Lady Gaga kisses this androgynous women. Actually, I couldn't even tell if she were a he or a she, but he/she is totally hot.

Link to vid here:

And link to the woman who kissed LG:

I find her very appealing. But then again, I'm very attracted to androgynous types in general.