Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Samhain 20% off sale

Samhain is having a 20% off sale of all its books.

MBaM- My Books and More- which is the bookstore for Samhain is also discounting all of its books 20%. They don't sell Samhain books exclusively so there's a larger pool of books through them.

Enter coupon code word Shinynew

I don't know how long the sale is though, so check it out soon if you've been jonsen for a Samhain book.

EDITED TO ADD: Fictionwise is also having a sale, 30% off all multi format ebooks until 3/28

I noticed a new release through Samhain this week, which features f/f so I'll post it here. The blurb looks kind of interesting so I'm going to buy it, but can't vouch for it on any level at this point.

I do think the cover is kind of hot.

Heart of Change
Bisexual/ lesbian
by Roxy Harte
Samhain-$4.95 currently on sale

Not my cuppa and I won't buy this but I'll post it anyway as well in case it will float someone's boat

College Trouble
by Elise Kepner
Erotica/f/f, f/f/f
eXcessia- $1.99 sale at MBaM


kirsten saell said...

Okay, I'm totally buying both those books. It's about time I contributed another actual review to this blog, instead of just being free with my opinions in the comments and the odd ranty post.

Thanks for the info! You'd think as a Samhain author, I'd know these things. But here's my finger-->x, and here's the pulse---------->y. Never the twain shall meet, apparently.

LVLM said...

Heh, Kirsten, I bought the first one this morning so intrigued by the blurb and have started reading it already! snort

I do lurve me a character who's a whore, makes no excuses and owns her own sexuality. So far it's pretty good although it's in first person present, which is a bit harder for me to read.

The second book is just too lame looking for me. It's an eXcessia book not Samhain, so quality might be different. Although I do like the teacher/ pupil dynamic.

M. A. said...

So far it's pretty good although it's in first person present, which is a bit harder for me to read.

I look forward to your review, I'm straddling the fence about buying the book because I sometimes find first person present too one-dimensional.

The second book...hm...I checked out the excerpt. It did not appeal to me personally though it might work for other readers.