Monday, March 15, 2010

This and That- New Releases

I've been messing with the blog a bit. Obviously I haven't changed much really. I did add to the contributor links, the publisher links, and added "other review sites" links.

If anyone has any ideas to make the blog better, or want's particular content that they wish to see, let me know.

I'm hoping to try and start posting new or soon to be released books. Until now, I've only posted books I've read (on the side bars) or intended to read, but would like to post books coming out.

What's really sad, I went through a few of the pub links yesterday and only one pub had a new f/f release. Verrah sad.

I usually only go looking for books when I'm ready to buy, but I see adverts or blog posts about new f/f coming out here and there and let it slip through. So I will try to post new and coming releases once a month just for more exposure.

I'm off from school now until the 29th, so I'm trying to get some books read and reviews posted.

As ever, if anyone else wishes to write up a review or talk about a particular book and feels to post it here, you're all more than welcome to do so.

So for my first NEW RELEASE/ COMING SOON post here goes:

The Life Not Lived
by Michelle Houston

Sinners- Heaven and Hell Series
by Bryn Colvin
Loveyoudivine- $3

Weathering Storm
by Dalia Craig
Loveyoudevine- $2

Red Tides of Desire
by Bryn Colvin
Loveyoudevine- $.3.25

Conventional Wisdom
by Cheri Crystal
Loveyoudivine- $2

The Clash
by Crystal Kauffman
Menage, f/f/m, f/f
Loose-Id- $5.99

Forever Mine
by KD Williamson
L-Book fiction- $6- current sale

Likely Suspects
by Rosalyn Wraight
DLSIJ press- $7.99

Best Lesbian Erotica

Girl Crazy: Coming Out Erotica
by Sacchi Green
Cleis Press-$ 14.95

Awakening to Sunlight
by Lindsey Stone
Bold Strokes Books- $16.96

Long Shot
by D. Jackson Leigh
Bold Strokes Books- $16.95

In Medias Res
by Yolanda Wallace
Bold Strokes Books-$14.95

The Midnight Hunt
by L.L. Raand
Bold Strokes Books- $16.95

Last Flight of the Ark
by D. L. Jackson
Menage- f/f/m, f/f-bisexual
Liquid Silver- $5.95

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