Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interesting interview with 50's lesbian author

There's an interesting interview with vintage lesbian author Marijane Meaker here.

I found many things she said to be fascinating, including that in order for her books to even be allowed to be sent through the post office to avoid anti smut laws, she had to write stories that had tragic endings or no HEA.

Wow, times have changed so much. So glad that this kind of material is able to be published freely now a days. I can only imagine the guts it took to write lesbian themed stories back in the 40's and 50's.

She also did something very interesting to get her books published, she became her own agent and represented herself as various authors. What chutzpah!

I like what she had to say about Ann Bannon as well. It just really surprises me that Ann Bannon, a housewife in the 50's would write lesbian themed books. To be that open in those times is something kind of extraordinary I think, especially when she seems to not want to label herself sexually.

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