Monday, May 10, 2010

Because we all need a good laugh

I love me some Betty White, she just gets better with age.


Cathy in AK said...

Oh, man, that was the best show! Betty White is amazing. We all need to be like her when we're 88 1/2. Hell, let's be like her now!

LVLM said...

This one was too funny. I really couldn't stop laughing.

The other skits with her were really funny as well, but this one takes the muffin, er... cake.

And it's far better than the Schweaty Balls one that Alec Baldwin did years ago.

Anonymous said...

She is spectacular!

LVLM said...

Heh, Eyre- I loved this skit. The other one with her wanting to be a lesbian was kind of funny, but her opening was really hilarious.

I saw her on Ellen a while ago and she was naturally funny. Just went with the flow of it and Ellen couldn't stop laughing.

She's definitely a hoot.