Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Stealing Again

Autostraddle has a post up of the review of "The Kids Are All Right" by Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard although not in their usual vlog format.

I and others were hoping from the trailer that this wouldn't be that trope that a few of us hate of the magic cock being all a lesbian needs to finally realize that she's been straight all along. Apparently, one of the lesbian characters not only kisses but sleeps with the male character.

However, it's still getting rave reviews from lesbians and particularly Julie and Brandy who don't hold punches when it comes to any gay portrayals in the movies they review.

But they do have some interesting things to say to one of the writers:

The Pink Elephant Cock in the room!

"Let’s not sugarcoat it: it was weird, it made us uncomfortable, it didn’t make sense, and it wasn’t realistic. However, seeing the lesbian Julianne Moore have sex with Mark Ruffalo was a lot less offensive then reading that Lisa Cholodenko said, “I was much more interested in reaching out to the male population than I was concerned about alienating a sector of the lesbian population.”'

(Dear Lisa,
While you were busy reaching out (pandering) to the male community, you didn’t just alienate a small section of the lesbian community — you actually disvalued women, in general, as a viable ecomonic marketplace. It’s a shame that the one voice in gay/female filmmaking being distributed on a large scale had to become a cog in the wheel rather than a conduit for change. Reading your quote made us feel almost as bad about being women as Sex and the City 2. Okay well that’s going a bit far.

That being said, we loved your movie and are dying to work with you. Call us! We wrote a lesbian romantic comedy and we want you to direct it.

Love Always,
Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard)

You can click on the Autostraddle link above to see the full post. It's pretty interesting.

I'm still looking forward to watching this movie and see how it was handled.


Cathy in AK said...

I haven't seen the movie, obviously, but even if Moore's character sleeps with Ruffalo's, is it fair to say it's about magic c**ks? Couldn't that aspect of the film be chalked up to one married person stepping out, not because of their orientation but because of issues within the marriage (or civil union or whatever)?

I'm not quite sure how to take the director's quote either. I can see her wanting to expand the audience to include males (a movie basically about a long-term, commited lesbian relationship is pretty much assured of pulling in a lesbian, isn't it?), but does she go too far?

Like you, I need to see this one to have a real sense of it. As *I* see it anyway :)

LVLM said...

Couldn't that aspect of the film be chalked up to one married person stepping out, not because of their orientation but because of issues within the marriage (or civil union or whatever)?

Well, yeah, if a person was bisexual. But if she identified as lesbian and was in a committed lesbian relationship for 20 years then chances of her suddenly wanting a man might be slim if it's about dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, I've always identified strictly as straight but have had some doubts about that over the last few years so I think it's possible for that to happen. To have a latent tendency come out.

But a lesbian of 20 years falling in love or having an affair with a man because of turmoil in her lesbian relationship isn't about having an affair due to that turmoil I would think. She'd just step out with another woman. So this is a bit different.

It's about the magic cock trope or she's really a bisexual.

I have to see how it was handled. So far, hard core lesbians aren't complaining, or if they are, I haven't come across it. That tells me that it was handled in a way that made sense as opposed to it pandering to the straight world.