Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bored and working hard

This is what I know I should be doing-

I'm trying, I really am. But it seems that all the books I've started lately are not grabbing me. I'm feeling like Goldilocks; This book is too technical, this book's dialogue I don't understand, this book doesn't have enough sex, this book has too much sex, this book is just boring. I don't know, I'm just so bored and can't get worked up about reading any book. That sucks.

But I've also been doing a lot of heavy work in my yard since I have a long school break, which has me wiped out and in pain. The mister and I decided to do some landscaping, but didn't realize what we were getting into when we decided to upgrade our garden border from cherry log poles to stone walls, plus cleaning out a whole section of garden that was severely overgrown with ground cover, Oregon grape, stringy Rhododendrons, and ferns. It's just a lot of heavy work. And seriously, I hate gardening. Hate it! But I am having fun even with the pain. Learned how to build a retaining wall for the first time, which has been fun even though hard work.

Our walk up to the house. Left side was all overgrown.

The 10 yards of top soil I have to schlep. And the second garden I have to build a wall for.

Have to build a small wall around my Buddha garden as well. That also was completely overgrown and a huge mess.

We had to offload 250- 25lb stones, since stupid Home Depot will only drop off curbside now. Then I got 10- 60 lb. bags of gravel for the wall base and schlepped them myself from shelf to car to sidewalk. We still need 12 more. Ugh.

I can't wait to be done though. I'm working like 4-5 hours a day outside. But it feels good to move my body.

What I'd really like to be doing on my school break:

Read any good books lately? Or seen a good movie?


JenB said...

My husband went out for a fishing trip this past weekend, so I watched movies. :)

Three I highly recommend:
Make the Yuletide Gay
Breakfast with Scot (my favorite!)
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

LVLM said...

Make the Yuletide Gay?

That one sounds fun! And or like a porn flick. snort.

Where do you find these movies?

I really want to join Netflix but I just don't have time to watch that many movies and see myself spending the monthly fee on nothing. Ugh

But you gave me a good idea. I just put a few lez flicks on hold from my library.

Cathy in AK said...

I recently finished "The Girl Who Played with Fire". Love Lisbeth Salander, the MC in the series. "Fire" is a better story than "Dragon Tattoo" but both were quite good. "Dragon" was graphic and a tad disturbing in portions. And tho it's not a huge part of the story line, Lisbeth does have a female lover. That relationship sheds some interesting light on Lisbeth.

LVLM said...

Cathy-- I was looking at the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and it looked really interesting.

Maybe I need to read this series. I'm in a serious slump.

I started a lesbian book touted as Da Vinci Code- esque but it's not that great so far. I don't get what the hell is going on, which is not good right off the bat. Too bad, because it sounded like a nice fantasy/paranormal type book.

At over 100K, it sounds like a long drain. It's called Dimension of the Ages: Bold Strokes. I'm disappointed that it started out so bad for me.

Anonymous said...

Breakfast with Scot is a fabulous movie!

I also enjoyed Were the World Mine, and you can't go wrong with Shelter.

The good thing about Netflix, for me, is the ability to watch a lot of these movies online.

Good luck with all the landscaping. I am not a fan of yardwork.

LVLM said...

Eyre- I've heard Shelter is great.

I'd love to see Bangkok Love Story:

Love the cover pic for it!

And the Japanese- Boys Love movies.

I keep thinking to join Netflix. But seriously, I watch maybe one movie every 6 months. But maybe I'd watch more if I had what I wanted to watch available. Right now, there are no movie rental places anymore near me. All have closed up.