Friday, August 6, 2010

Coming Soon- Pimpage and HGTV

So... While I was locked up basically taking care of the sick kitten, I somehow got hooked into HGTV and now I'm addicted. I can't stop watching it! And since I'm still sleeping the guest room with the kitten at night until I know our older alpha mama will not kill her-- she's gone after the kitten a few times--I'm watching TV instead of my usual reading.

I'll try and get a few really short stories reviewed in the next week though.

I still have 3 finals to do by the 10th. And since I lost time with kitty in the guest room keeping her entertained, I got behind again. I'm so done with school at the moment and can't wait to just be able to do what I want for a while.

I've been seeing a few new f/f books that are coming out so I thought I'd pimp them since all of them are from authors I like so far.

First out- Aug 10th

The Princess Bride
by KT Grant

Ravenous Romance

Daisy de Fleurre, an exiled princess from a far away land longs for true love. She almost experienced that at the tender age of seventeen, when she and her servant Chelsey, engaged in a smoldering love affair for one brief summer before they were both separated forever. Eight years later, Daisy is now engaged to a man who wants to offer her the world. But Daisy still longs for the woman she has never forgotten.

The dastardly lady pirate C.W. Dread, lives for revenge against Lord Humphrey, the man who murdered her family. She will kidnap Humphrey's fiancée, hold her for ransom, and introduce her to the delights of the flesh. Then her revenge will be complete! But Dread is in for a shock when her prisoner is a blast from her past who she once adored deep down to her very core.

Danger, adventure and passion are only a few things in store for this lady pirate and her princess as they both are overcome with lust for one another that can no longer be denied and contained.

Out Aug 15th

Meg's Folly
Adriana Kraft Whiskey Torrid Creek Press

When Meghan Keenan’s old flame Josh Hendricks unexpectedly shows up at the Summer Shakespeare Festival where she has a leading role, Meg has a brilliant inspiration: he’ll be perfect for Camila, the hot Latina who currently shares Meg’s bed. If Meg’s scheme works, she can continue to enjoy sexy escapades with both of them.

Josh has a different idea. He’s come to the Festival with one goal in mind: to marry Meg. Will Camila buy into the plan and help him spark Meg’s jealousy? Can Josh escape this tempting triangle unscathed? And if he does, can he claim his would-be bride before she flees in panic?

Out Sept. 1

Kaydee & the Tramp
by Titania Ladley

Ellora's Cave

“Show me how a woman makes love to a woman.” Hearing that from any hetero woman is normally a deal-breaker. But when lesbian Kaydee Truman is propositioned with those words by her longtime secret crush—her best friend’s widowed step mom—temptation takes a front seat to propriety. Savanah Kirtright exudes irresistible sex appeal, and her many past experiences lie solely with men. Savanah’s unexpected enthusiasm to learn how to please a woman proves to be more than Kaydee can resist.

Which turns out to be the worst mistake of her life. But how can such an agonizing slip-up feel so damn right? Neither Kaydee nor Savanah have the answer. All they know is, one sultry summer day by the lake leaves Kaydee and her new trampy lover to make choices that will forever change their lives.

Nov. 2nd - yes, it's a long way away at this point, but this looks kind of good.


Paisley Smith


The Civil War has torn Belle Holloway's world apart. Left to manage her Georgia plantation with little help, she is exasperated when the Union Army adds to her burden by leaving a wounded soldier behind. But upon closer examination, Belle is shocked to discover the soldier is actually a beguiling woman.

Clad in male attire stubborn, brash Alice O'Malley awakens a passion in Belle she never knew existed. Alice dominates Belle's lonely existence with taboo pleasures and erotic escape and soon Belle realizes she is more than willing to submit her body and her heart to the woman whose strength and compassion she admires—until those very attributes prove to be the catalyst that could destroy their newfound love.


Cathy in AK said...

I love DIY shows, but I am hopeless with tools. Fun to watch, though.

Hope kitty is feeling better and your finals went well.

(Yes, we're back. Great trip, but it's good to be home : )

LVLM said...

Hey welcome back home! Hope the trip was fun. You gonna blog about it, I hope?

I used to do a lot of house repairs and construction stuff. Framed walls, concrete pads, paint, trims, sheetrock. But I'm old now. LOL

I never watched that channel before, so it's fun to see what's what these days.

Kitty is way better, but is irritating the older cats because she's so stuck up. LOL Stands there and hisses at them like she's the queen of house and we must all obey. But she's so affectionate and loves to cuddle, so I forgive her.

Adriana said...

Hey there, just found you! This looks like a great blog - thanks for the shout out for Meg's Folly!