Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pimping by proxy

Paisley Smith is having a contest giving away a copy of her new book Beguiled So hop on over and comment away!

I'm going to try and read it this weekend and get a review up ASAP. No guarantees though. :-)



M. A. said...

I read "Beguiled" over the weekend. Very nice! I rate it a "B." : )

LVLM(Leah) said...

I'm in the middle of it. I really tried to get it read and reviewed this weekend, but I had so much to do.

I'm liking it as well, but...I do have one or two issues with it. I'll reserve that until I finish it.

M. A. said...

I agree there are some quirks. Looking forward to your review. : )

Paisley Smith said...

Thanks for the pimpage!! :-) I hope you both enjoyed Beguiled. I loved writing a historical and fell totally in love with Alice even though Beguiled is Belle's story. I had fantastic help from a couple of Civil War historians.

M. A. said...

Nice work, I enjoyed reading it very much. : )