Saturday, December 11, 2010

I survived and this and that

So, I survived my finals. This last quarter was the quarter from hell. And the last few weeks? I literally had no time do anything. I was hitting the books non- stop just trying stay afloat. Yeah, I could have taken it a bit more easy, but I'm one of those type A's who has to get that 4.0. I just can't allow myself to do less than I'm capable of. So, I stressed, big time.

Now it's over and I treated myself a bottle of Bailey's. No, not all in one night. :D

I have a 3 week break and then it's back to the grind. I can't wait until I'm done and working again. Life will be so much easier. Anyway....

It's that time of year again. I rather enjoy this time and I've been listening to Christmas music non-stop, to the bane of my husband's existence. Meh, it's only a few weeks of the year and I enjoy it. But unlike the rest of the world, I don't do shopping. I write a check and send it. So I'm Done!

OK, I did get my prezzie to me from the Mr. on Black Friday. I figured I deserved to get out after no power and the Mr. calling from Hawaii complaining about how hot it was. snort.

I've never done it before, dreading those awful crowds, but Santa (Mr.) was getting me an iTouch this year and there was a couple of really good deals on them, gift cards back and such. So I did join the throngs on that day. But I also copped an attitude and went out at 9 am instead of 4 am, so I wouldn't have to push and shove someone getting to that normally $5 item on sale for $4.50. snort.
No, I thought I'll go out and if it's still available good, if not, oh well. Target had a boat load, lucky for me.

I can't wait until I can open my iTouch. I wanted it so I could read Kindle, Barns & Noble, and Stanza (Fictionwise) books on it, and with that new Bluefire app, I think I can read digital library books as well. Gives me way more reading options. Plus, I can get online and surf as well. Woot!

I noticed today that our hot ticket items have changed over time.

The Mr. and I went out to do our usual weekly food shopping and I saw some older DVDs for sale. I had a thought about how new technology has changed what I get for the DH for Christmas or want myself.

DVDs are no longer the fun or hot ticket item. Music, CD's are no longer desired items either. We have sets of Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, and tons of Asian martial arts movies all sitting there collecting dust, some even unopened.

I keep swearing that I'll get to that Catherine Deneuvue movie I got a couple of years ago, that I haven't watched yet. So... no more DVDs.

Last year I splurged and surprised the Mr. with a PS3. I got the PS3 because of particular game he wanted that was only in PS3. He's used it non stop for over a year now.

My favorite and still constantly used Xmas gift is my eBookwise. I'm sure I'll use the iTouch constantly as well for reading.

So what's the hot ticket items you're getting this year, either for you or your family?

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I'd also like to share that the authors of Women and Words blog are having a 12 days of Christmas book giveaway from Mon. the 13th on. Every day, several books will be given away, so head on over and comment every day to win one.

And here is the list of books being given away. So many good authors!

I'm gunning for another Andi Marquette and or Ali Vali book myself. Or maybe a new to me author.

Good luck!

I'll try to get some reviews out during these three weeks, but as usual, they could be sporadic. I have to catch up on tons of house work stuff that I let go during school.


Cathy in AK said...

I don't do shopping either, which is good, considering where we live. Online shopping is the way we usually go. I saw some stores advertising their Black Friday doors opening at 3am. What????? Seriously?

After a hellish quarter you deserve the Bailey's (yum!) and the present.

I picked up a handmade quilt at the local bazaar last week that is part of my Christmas cheer. Hubby got me something else I'm not supposed to know about, but oh well. I'll be thrilled and "surprised" on Christmas. We're getting to the point where we pretty much know what we're each getting. In fact, we are not beyond saying "Tell me EXACTLY what you want or even better, get it and we'll call it good." Not terribly romantic, but no bad surprises either : )

Oh, and I'm all kinds of stoked about the Women and Words contest! Some good titles there.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Oh.. a nice quilt, that sounds lovely. If I had someone who'd appreciate some cool hand made items, I'd support those people. But two nephews, nope. And my dad, for the first time every in his life, is having financial issues, so I sent him lots of money.

I do online as well, usually though because you can get stuff cheaper, with no tax, or available when you can't get it near you.

We usually state exactly what we want though. No big surprises, but I usually get some gifts from others that are a nice surprise.

This year I got what the Mr. asked for and a surprise video game he knows nothing about. Last year's gift was a shock since we agreed to not exchange gifts. But he's been very happy with it.

About Black Fri. and 3 am.,well, more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving now. Sears and Kmart were open all day. And Walmart and some malls now open at 11 pm on Thanksgiving day and are open all night. I can see a day when nothing is closed on Thanksgiving. That's how pathetic things have gotten to make money.

I learned years ago that the deals weren't worth the stress, so I haven't done it in years. But this year I went out at 9, traffic was empty, the stores were normal Sat. Sun. crowd, so maybe the crazies got done by 9 and went home. LOL I walked right to what I needed, got it and left. No fuss, no stress. And I got to sleep in!

And yeah, I'm so excited about that book giveaway. If I win one that I've read or have, I'll do a giveaway on LVLM for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you survived finals and the quarter from hell. You deserved that treat.

I haven't brought a single Christmas gift yet, and I don't have any ideas about what I need to buy!

LVLM(Leah) said...

I haven't brought a single Christmas gift yet, and I don't have any ideas about what I need to buy!

This is why I do cash or gift card. Unless I know the person very well and know what they'd want.

Good luck with that. :D