Friday, December 17, 2010

Love the Holidays!

I listen to Christmas music usually non-stop from Thanksgiving on. I think I only heard this version of this song this year. I searched all over and found that it was Alison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma. I became a fan of Alison Krauss first time with the CD she did with Robert Plant. It's one of my favorites. And Yo-Yo Ma, loved his music in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The DH has a CD of his.

Love all the different instruments in this; the whole ensemble: Krauss' voice with violin, viola, bag pipes.... is just gorgeous.

Next up is something I only found out about this year. Love this: The Calgary Hitmen Hockey Team does a Teddy Bear Toss every year to give to needy kids and kids in Hospitals. What a great idea!!! Why don't more sports teams do that? Have give a gift/food/anything day. I'll bet they'd get so much. They got over 23,000 teddy bears this year. Amazing!


I ordered several lesbian oriented movies from my Library to watch during the vacay and to review. Of course, they all came at once. So the next several reviews will be movie reviews, since I only have a week to watch all of them.

I'm almost done with Laurie R. King's A Grave Talent.

I give kudos to Laurie R. King for writing a main character who's a lesbian. While it's a mystery and the Kate Martinelli is a police detective, Ms. King did include actually quite a bit of her life with her partner. For a mainstream author and publisher to do this, is remarkable. It was actually her first published book in 1993.

A Grave Talent is an excellent book. I highly recommend it if you're into mysteries. I'll probably write a review for it even though there are like thousands of them on Amazon and Goodreads.

Just a little note about Ms. King. I went to the Mystery Writer's Convention in Indianapolis in 2009. She was there. I kept seeing this striking woman walking around looking like a classic grandma with her white hair in a top knot bun. She was on several panels I went to. She's very young and alive in her energy and I enjoyed her talks. But at the time I was more attracted to see Charlaine Harris, who was also there.

Anyway, the last day they had the book giveaways. Unfortunately, it was set up rather badly, with nary much space between rows of authors for people to move about. It was too chaotic. I had marked the books I wanted and tried to get to those authors. It wasn't happening. I got stuck in a very slow moving mob right in front of Ms. King. I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. Then she said, "you want one of my books?" I said OK and took her book. LOL One never knows how one will come across an author sometimes.

After that I noticed on Goodreads that her books were listed under GLBT, or lesbian. So I bought my first Kate Martinelli book. I will definitely read some more. The writing is very good and characterizations well developed.

What's unfortunate, I read some reviews that say "I loved the book until I found out the main character was a lesbian." WTF is that? I find it interesting that people would get so uptight about that. It's not like Kate's relationship with her partner is front and center. But everyone has their buttons, right?

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