Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This and That

I read this on EREC blog by Emily Veinglory. She keeps track of publishing news, new epublishers, and general ebook news.

There's a publisher in the UK, Embrace Books, that has started a new line called Saffron to publish lesbian stories. Here's their mission statement about it:

at Embrace

Quality lesbian fiction, including short romance and erotica.

These stories engage the reader within a world of female-female relationships, in a range of romantic, erotic, historical, paranormal, crime, thriller and suspense fiction.

From significant commercial fiction to hot, irreverent erotica, Embrace Books provides a brand-new British home for powerful lesbian writing with a global outlook.

I clicked on their Saffron section and see that at this point there's only one book coming out in spring 2011. Hmmm...

The blurb about the writer states that she's bisexual. I wonder if they did that to give her more credibility in writing a lesbian romance? I noticed things like that for other author bios as well.

I think it's good that more and more epubs and such are promoting lesbian or f/f stories, but Emily wondered out loud that many think there's a difference between f/f and lesbian. It's a discussion that we've had often here and other places.

I've reached a point where that line has become very blurry for me. In the beginning, I only related to stories with bisexual or sexually fluid characters. But since there aren't that many stories like that out there, I have been reading more and more straight up lesbian stories.

What I see at this point is that inside myself, I'm seeing less of a difference. But I know that many straight readers who enjoy f/f romance outside of the context of a lesbian relationship will still see it as separate. And I think lesbians will not see them as similar either.

But again, this is an issue of labeling, so we'll see. If they are labeling it lesbian, then it gets tricky for readers. Straight women won't read it, and lesbians will expect full on lesbian characters, not a bisexual or sexually fluid, gay in the moment character.

On to other things:

I've been watching this cute series on Vimeo- a youtube like service, about a group of lesbian friends and their life in LA called, That's What She Said

Each video is only like 5 min. long, but it's an ongoing drama done by real friends and I really enjoy it. So I'll post the first one here.

TWSS: Episode 1 - Pilot from TWSS Online on Vimeo.

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