Monday, January 17, 2011

Taking A Break

I've been thinking about writing this post for about two weeks, but always think once I do it, things will change and I'll look like an idiot. But I don't want that people come here thinking there's going to be a post any time soon.

I'm taking a break.

I've lost my reading mojo and have been working through one book for weeks now, only reading a few pages a day. I have no juice to read at the moment. And truthfully, I have little juice for this blog as well, for now.

For a couple of years now, to keep this blog going, I've read mainly f/f or lesbian to have something to post. I'm a bit burned out on reading mostly f/f and even romance. Done for a while. 

I think to get my mojo back I need to not feel pressure to keep the blog going. Moreover, I need to read more mystery/suspense, which is my first love, or other genres that interest me.

I will probably do a last review when I finish the book I'm reading, but won't promise when that will be. It really is a good book and I love the story and writing, so my taking forever to finish it is not a reflection on the book itself.

Of course, now that I've announced this, I might read 5 books in two weeks. LOL But I doubt it. 

And as always, anyone who wishes to post a review or any connected to f/f or lesbian content, you're more than welcome. 
Hopefully, I'll be back before long.

Thank you to those of you who stop by and do read this blog.


Cathy in AK said...

I'll certainly miss your reviews, but better to take a break and not stress over it. Get your mojo back, lady, and enjoy reading because you love the books, not because you feel pressured to write about them. Just as long as you want to read a f/f scifi in, say, August sometime ; )

I'm a fan of the mystery/suspense genre too, so maybe we can exchange reading recs when you're up to it : )

See you later!

M.A. said...

I'm sorry to hear you're taking a break from LVLM, but I certainly understand how you feel. You put a lot of time and effort into the blog.

Hope to hear from you again when you have anything new and good to share.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Thanks Cathy and Mia-

I hope it's short term.

I actually don't feel stress about the blog. It's way past that to I just don't care and don't think about it too much. That's not a good thing to keep a blog going.

I've been blogging non-stop though since 2007 starting with my other blog. And for a while I was keeping up two blogs.

Things change. But I still enjoy the process of reviewing, so who knows?

But thanks for the support over all this time and coming around. I've enjoyed you both. And all the readers who've visited and or commented.

M.A. said...

I have a review if you'd like to post it.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Sure M.A. - would love to post it. :D

Jill Sorenson said...

I wish I had something to contribute! I haven't lost my reading mojo but I'm swamped with writing projects and kids and housework, ugh. Hope to see you back at it when you feel refreshed.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Jill- you're sweet.

Sometimes it's OK to just let go of something for a while to get refreshed.

I have one more review coming and then I'm going to focus on school totally.

Thanks for stopping by!