Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This and That

School is back in swing again. Ugh. My vacay went too quickly. But I had a lot of fun. The Mr. is still off, so we’ve been watching a lot of movies, going places and cleaning up last year’s paperwork, bills, filing and getting tax stuff ready. 

I didn’t manage to finish one book that whole time. Mostly it’s because I was busy doing other stuffs and only reading at night. I have a hard time reading books when the Mr. is home; I get too distracted. So no book reviews. 

And I still haven’t bought any new books even though my options grew. I did download a library book, which if I don’t get to is no biggy since I didn’t pay. I’m just curious how it works and how or if it will just disappear from my iTouch. 

 I was going to do a New Year's post, but I felt rebellious. I’m just contrary that way. Everyone did a New Year resolutions post, top 10  books, etc. so it's my natural inclination to go the other direction. Anyway, I don’t do NY resolutions. It just jinxes it if I state I WILL do something. And top 10 books? I probably only reviewed 10 books for the whole year. snort

What I did do a lot of is search for books I might like to read in Kindle and other formats.

I came across some interesting things in my searches for f/f movies and books though on Amazon's Kindle section. It’s a really sad thing that the search term “lesbian” brings up first erotica and porn. This just shows how invasive the concept of two women loving each other is tied to sex and (male) fantasy. I had to dig deep to find actual lesbian or f/f romances or stories. 

Here’s some facts of what I found:

 I saw a link to this:

Amazon’s 100 Best Sellers in Gay/Lesbian Fiction for Kindle, on Twitter the other day. So I went and checked it out. It’s sad really for the readers of f/f or lesbian books. What I found when I looked the books over:

Out of 100 there are only:
11-- are f/f or lesbian
I think there is one transgender out of all the books. 

Out of those 11:
3--are erotica.
5 – are straight to lesbian stories, some of the  girlfriends taking it to next level kind or in crappy marriage and fall for a woman kind. 

(3 of them are by the same author, R. E. Bradshaw)

2-- have a strong female character that might be a lesbian or goes with women, it’s not clear from the blurbs. 

1—is a true lesbian story by an author I’ve read and liked, Georgia Beers. 

It’s sad that there’s only 11 f/f or lesbian out of 100 in best selling gay/lesbian. 

If you then type in just “lesbian,” what comes up again for the best selling is mostly all erotica. Hmmm… I went through pages before I started getting to mostly romance or non anthology/erotica stories. Which means, the best sellers are mostly of the “Hot lesbian sex” variety. :/

Wow… that’s kind of disheartening. Where are all the Bold Strokes lesbian romances? They are all in Kindle format. I don’t get it. Why is it all erotica for pages and pages?

If you search “lesbian romance,” you get more actual romance options, but it's still a lot of erotica.

You do have better luck if you don’t stick within the Kindle Store.  If you search “lesbian” or “lesbian romance” in books, then you get more of the bold strokes books type of books. But many are not kindle. Bella Books are not offered in Kindle. 

Then I found a few links to lesbian themed movies after typing in “lesbian themed movies.”  This is one person's listmania and gives a lot of good movies. A better search term than "lesbian movies," which brings up all porn. 

Me loving Asian films, I was searching for a Japanese lesbian film. Alas, I didn't find what looked like a decent one. But here's a list of Asian lesbian themed movies. I've seen a few of them in the last few weeks and hope to watch some more at some point. 

This got me to thinking about how I'd really love to read a Japanese, written by Japanese, lesbian story in books. I'll have to search deep to see if there wasn't one written already. 

Anyway... I don't know how much reading I'll be getting done. I know, how pathetic of me. So many books I want to read, and yet, I have a hard time just sitting down and reading them. It's been more fun watching movies. 

So I hope you all have a good start to the new year and that good things happen for everyone this year.


Anonymous said...

I understand what it's like to not feel like reading or to not be able to find something to read. Thankfully, that never lasts long for me. :) I'm a bit of the opposite of you. I used to be able to sit and enjoy a movie, but now it's really hard. I can't lose myself in a movie like I used to.

I could never do a top 10 books post. I don't think I could pick just 10.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Eyre-- I really haven't watched any movies in like forever. Mostly it's because I like to watch only foreign films and they're not as easy to get a hold of. I really have a hard time sitting through an American film.

But in the last 3 years I've focused mostly on reading, so it's been a nice change for me.

You... could do a top 100 with the amount of books you read. Then you could include way more of what you loved. :-)

Tom said...

Go forth and read everything Kelley Eskridge and Nicola Griffith have ever written? Probably the strongest F/F themed novels I am aware off. Mostly they work in SF but if that is not to your taste, Nicolas The Blue Place, Stay, Always trilogy is.. Noir? hard to classify, really, but very good.

Also. some free short stories can be found on the net. http://nicolagriffith.com/ItTakesTwo_GRIFFITH.pdf among others.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Tom- actually, another reader here just sent me Nicola Griffith's The Blue Place. I love noir and darker themed stories.

Am looking forward to reading it.

I've not heard of Kelly Eskrige, but I'll check her out. :)