Monday, July 25, 2011


I've seen these books have just come out, but can't vouch for any of them. Thought I'd post them anyway in case someone is interested.

By the way, the first two books are in Kindle. The last not... so far. This is important to me since all are from small epubs I've never heard of and I just don't do small epubs anymore.

Second Best Fantasy
by Angela Kelly

GENRE: Contemporary • Erotica • Lesbian Fiction
LENGTH: 44,368 words

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Everyone dreams of being a rock star. Dating one is the second best fantasy.

Maggie O’Leary is a lonely lesbian dazzled by the talent and charisma of up-and-coming bisexual rock star, Janine Jordan. A romance with Janine could spell trouble, but Maggie can’t help falling in love.

Set in New York City during the nineties, Second Best Fantasy follows Maggie and Janine as they embark on an exciting and surprising journey together, which carries them through the music scene toward stardom, creative artistry, career satisfaction, and finally, battles with their own personal demons.

With support and encouragement from families and friends, their life seems to be headed down the right path. But Maggie and Janine learn love is seldom simple or easy, particularly when both women are also involved in committed relationships with their own addictions. Theirs is a tumultuous love affair from the start. Can they survive the curves and upheaval along the way?

Behind the Dunes
by Dorla Moorehouse

Behind the Dunes is the story of First Lady Sharon Bradford who on the wake of her husband´s infidelity and ensuing political scandal, meets a woman named Matilda on the beach and falls in love with her. When Sharon'a Secret Service bodyguard outs her, Sharon and Matilda journey to D.C. in order to deal with the fallout. Sharon has to confront her country and estranged husband while struggling to define her self, her sexuality, and her new relationship. While her struggles lead to tension in her newfound romance, Sharon still finds the strength to forge ahead with her new life. Dorla Moorehouse is a writer and dancer based in Austin, Texas. Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and websites.

Sweet Kisses and Lesbian Wishes
by Kissa Starling

From the critically acclaimed author of lesbian erotic romance comes an irresistible collection of novellas and short stories including Ps. I Love You, Helga House, I Heart You, Lesson Learned, and others. Her work has been nominated for awards and has appeared in many award finalist and winning anthologies.

Oh look, it's that cover again!

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