Friday, December 23, 2011

More Discussions on f/f Romance and its Popularity

When Kirsten and I first started this blog, there was a  fair amount of discussion about the popularity of lesbian/ f/f romance on the main romance blogs. I linked to those discussions and they are here.

We started the blog because we were kind of fed up with the constant criticism from the straight and m/m romance reading community that f/f was just not that popular because they don't want to read about women together for a variety of reasons. And the ewww girl cooties got thrown around quite a bit. We wanted a place for those of us who like reading it to be able to come and talk about reading girl/girl books without getting hit over the head. 

We also argued about how even on GLBT sites opening at the time to promo authors of GLBT that f/f was constantly under represented and or non existent, or thrown in with the gazillion m/m books as the token 2 or 3 books, making them virtually hard to find. F/F was constantly shoved in the ghetto or in the back corner of the room and we pointed it out often.

It seems though, that over the last two years, there's not been too many negative or disparaging discussions about f/f and even DA one the main romance reviewing blogs starting having regular reviews of lesbian books... for a while. This was huge.

I've also, over the last 2 years, seen a lot more f/f books being offered with publishers putting out a lot more than in the past. Many of my Twitter friends will read f/f even if it's not maybe their most favorite; they read it and enjoy it at times. It just seemed like it was a non issue anymore. Or at least from my perspective.

I think there are a lot more women, straight women, out there who do like reading it but just don't talk about it much or don't like to share it on romance blogs due to the general, subtle judgments from those who are adamantly not into it.

However, I do still love the idea that f/f gets more exposure and that discussion about it can only lead to more people becoming open enough to try. Or at the very least, not put down those who do like to read it with the "eww girl cooties" comments.

What brought about this post is that there's been a few discussions in the last week that has stirred it up again.

Jessica at Read React Review- did this post recently and wondered that  "We still really don’t see much f/f written, reviewed or talked about in the romance world."

She linked to this blog post about the distinct lack of lesbian (s) relationships in YA.

Both of these posts got quite a few comments and very interesting ones at that.

And a reaction post to the comments from Jessica's post "Ewww homophobic cooties" by same blogger linked in Jessica's post - Her post is about the underlying homophobia in many comments.

Then Katiebabs  did a post about it here. She's an author of f/f and states that her f/f are her best selling books.

Katiebabs then decided she's going to have a huge forum/ discussion trying to get authors and readers to talk about f/f as a genre and what's actually going on. Is the "f/f doesn't sell" mantra really true at this point.

Here's her promo post here. She's going to have a week long lesbian romance appreciation week. 

I think it's great that she's doing that. It will be really interesting if she manages to get a lot of input from authors, publishers and readers about how well or not well f/f romance is doing.


Cathy in AK said...

All I can say is "Yay!" "Amen!" and "Count me in!" Apply where necessary : )

Thanks for being here. LV-LM was the first blog I really started reading to get a handle on my F/F groove : )

LVLM(Leah) said...

Hey Cathy, yeah, I think it's great. I'd love it if more and more blogs would review at least a few f/f here and there. Even if their readers are not that into it.

When the more popular blogs review it, it doesn't seem to have as much of a stigma attached to it. Kind of like how when the cool person in school accepts the outcast. It then becomes something more mainstream and cool as well.

I'm not really into keeping this blog going so it's great that many others are picking up the torch.

I also think you writing your book with a f/f romance really helps to bridge that gap as well. I hear your book mentioned a lot by blogs and readers that wouldn't normally read f/f. :D

Cathy in AK said...

RE: Hearing about Rulebreaker--Really? Cool : ) I'm very glad to hear that on a lot of levels.

I know you've been easing off the blogging for a bit, and I can't blame you. But I do appreciate your being here for me when I needed to find my way. Hopefully more folks will realize F/F isn't "icky" : )

LVLM(Leah) said...

Cathy- yeah actually, it seems I've seen your book mentioned often. And in different places.

I don't get the icky thing around f/f. I just don't.