Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lesbian Appreciation Week/ New Review sites

So KatieBabs Lesbian Appreciation Week is going full blast. There's lots of great posts, many new, cool books and authors being promoted. And lots of chat about the f/f genre in general. Radclyffe did a great post on the publishing side and wrote stats. I love that. 

Hop on over and join in if haven't made a visit yet and support the f/f genre! I've bought a few books from those blog posts and am excited to read them. 

On other things, there's been two more review sites for f/f that I've seen in the last week. I'll be putting them on the side bar with the rest but for now I'll post the links.

Good Lesbian BooksWhat I love about this site is that the reviews are posted by genre and get even more specific with a list of books by theme. 

Girls Only Reviews-  Is a new site that reviews only f/f and lesbian. How cool is that? The more the merrier.

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