Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blog Name Change

As you can see, if you've been following my blog for a while, I've changed the name. 

I been wanting to change the name for some time now as what I read and review has changed over the years and I wanted a name that more accurately reflects that. 

When we first started this blog, we more wanted to give a voice to bi and curious women, which is where we were at that time. So what we reviewed or talked about was geared more towards what we wanted to read and that type of reader. 

Author Kirsten Saell with whom I started the blog, has moved on to other pastures and it's been mainly me reviewing and keeping the blog going, even if only posting here and there. 

Over the years, my tastes, opinions, feelings, and how I identify have changed and I'm now, and have been for a long time, reading more lesbian romance with a smattering of f/f/m or bi oriented stories.

I still wanted to keep the title inclusive of bi readers as I still enjoy reading a f/f/m, but felt Loving Venus Loving Mars was more indicative of strictly bi oriented content, which this blog is not right now.

I haven't changed the web address, even though I hate bicurious...blogspot.. at this point, because I know there are many links to this blog and some reviews as well as all the links I did to my sister review index blog, which is an index of all the books so people could get to reviews quicker. (sorry it's currently not up to date, but I'll get to it.) So that will stay the same. 

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