Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Review: Servicing Lady Tremayne by Emma Wildes

Servicing Lady Tremayne
by Emma Wildes
Erotic Historical
Novella- 30 pages

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Trying to maintain a pristine reputation isn't easy, especially when Lady Daphne Tremayne has a lustful secret longing for her doctor. Seducing a respectable physician is not something a lady would normally do but then again, desperate times make for inventive measures.

Being summoned to the home of his alluring patient, Thomas Blake cannot quite believe what it is exactly she wishes him to cure. Since he has always been deeply attracted to the beauteous Daphne, he has no objections to ministering to her desires but the lady in question only wants his sexual services nothing more. Or so she says but just maybe he can change her mind.

Forbidden passion and an ugly obsession make two lovers tear the down the barriers of social status and find that physical love just might not be enough after all.

This is a very short story really and I’m going to say not really worth the money or the time to read it. I really liked Emma Wildes’ The Arrangement and was hoping this story would be something of the same quality, but it was rather disappointing.

On story telling only, it was OK, but not great. It starts out nicely with the widow Lady Tremayne feigning malaise to get the good looking Dr. Thomas Blake to her bedside in order to proposition him into discreetly servicing her sexually. A commitment free arrangement as she has no intentions of marrying again. Of course, since he’s been secretly lusting after her and the lady is the most beautiful woman desired by all, he has no problem agreeing. This part of the story was fine, written very nicely and it did hook me in.

Where it starts to go a bit off for me is when Thomas decides that impregnating her would be a good way to “get” her. Now, it’s clear that she’s got the hots for him and she’s falling in love with him. And she’s not adverse to the idea of marrying him even though she’s of a much higher station then he in society. He is, in general, an upstanding kind of guy. But what is that, really? Even he thinks he’s an ass. “I might impregnate her, he thought traitorously.”

Next, he takes her to a brothel without letting her know what kind of place she’s in to be serviced, for his convenience and turn-on mainly, by several of the prostitutes there who have told him that they all get each other off when it’s slow. This, even though he has broached the idea of some kinky stuff with the Lady and she pretty much says she’s not interested.

While it’s clear that these two have the hots for each other and they are falling in love, what’s with all the trickery on his part? It was unnecessary as it’s clear these two are meant to be together and have a HEA. It was off-putting.

The writing itself was a bit lazy to me as well with much of the dialogue feeling stilted and unnatural with more telling and less showing of what the characters are feeling. But this is a really short story, so I don’t expect too much on that front and am willing to forgive a lot if the story itself is appealing.

Since this is a blog for the purpose of promoting quality f/f, f/f/m content in books, I will say that the f/f content in this story was solely for the male POV. While the prostitutes do enjoy women, and the Lady responds physically getting off of course, she feels no emotional involvement as she states later on and it’s clear she could have skipped that experience altogether. If the Lady would have said that she had such fantasies when Thomas asked, it would have had a whole different feel to me. As it was, it felt that that scene was thrown in there just to add some kink to the story. So this isn’t a story I can recommend for readers who would buy this book for the f/f, f/f/m content.

Sex content: Damp panties. m/f, f/f/f/f- male watching.

Grade: D+

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JenB said...

Poo. How disappointing!

MB (Leah) said...

Yeah, I really liked The Arrangement so this was disappointing.

There was just something off about this whole story even as far as a romance goes.

kirsten saell said...

I find it really interesting how the reasons we purchase a particular book color how we react to it. If you hadn't bought this book specifically for the f/f content, would your grade have been different?

I've found some tropes bother me all the time. But often they bother me more if I was hoping for something great and got something lame instead.

MB (Leah) said...

If you hadn't bought this book specifically for the f/f content, would your grade have been different?

In this case no. If it were straight up erotica, yes maybe. I bought it for the f/f/f//m content, but still a story and the characters have to appeal to me otherwise, there's porn. Ya know.

I didn't like this book for the reasons I gave. The hero is painted as this really upstanding, nice guy and yet he tricks the heroine several times and it's supposed to be ok because she's falling in love and maybe wants a baby anyway and so on. I didn't like that. And the whole brothel thing wasn't for her at all. It was a selfish thing for him in the guise that she will love it.

So this had nothing to do with the lack of or crappy f/f content and it won't for all the books I review.

kirsten saell said...

I can understand that. If I'm buying litfic, I'm assuming the MC might be an unlikeable tool, and if he is, that won't necessarily make me enjoy the book less.

But if the hero in a romance is a jerk, well, it's just very difficult to get past that--and if the author keeps telling us the jerk is really a jewel, well, that just pisses me off.