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We are career-focused writers, and what we love to write are passionate, sensual, sweet, and sometimes erotic glimpses of love between LGBT characters.

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I'm posting this because I think it's huge a step forward for writers of LGBT material in getting some recognition from long established organizations in the romance world such as the RWA- Romance Writers of America. This new chapter of the RWA, the Rainbow Chapter, means that now authors of LGBT material can be judged along side mainstream m/f romance.

On a personal note--while I'm really glad that this is happening, I hope that authors of the L and B (female) part of LGBT feel welcome to join and find meaningful advocacy there for their work.

I know that M/M has a huge following and is very popular at the moment. At one time though, years ago, that wasn't the case. Just like how currently the statement that "f/f just doesn't sell and no straight woman wants to read it"
is reiterated over and over, publishers were telling authors for years that no one wanted or would read m/m. And see where that is now.

I'm hoping that with this recognition, those authors who do and would like to write f/f will feel more comfortable in doing so and have more confidence that their work will be embraced.