Monday, January 26, 2009

Review- Playing With Trouble by Keziah Hill

Playing With Trouble
by Keziah Hill

Short Story
62 pgs. $2.09

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What do you get when Jake Horsley, Australia’s richest man, marries Chrissy, a hooker forty years his junior? Trouble. Especially when she also loves another woman. Honest and straight forward, Chrissy won’t lie about how she feels about Jen. But Jake isn’t worried. Chrissy is everything he’s always wanted, wild and unconventional. He knows he can’t limit her and doesn’t want to. Trouble however, has other plans. Jake’s son David, appalled by his father’s marriage, plots to hurt Chrissy. Protecting herself and those she loves will challenge everything she’s ever believed about herself and what she’s capable of.

I really enjoyed this short story. Chrissy is such a fun, in-your-face, unapologetic, snarky kind of character and I really liked her. She’s a whore who makes no bones about what she does and the fact that she’s popular because she insists on having her orgasm with her clients. She’s overjoyed though when Jake, a very wealthy dude, wants to marry her because she’s getting older and being in the business is getting old.

Jake has his own reasons to marry Chrissy, which aren’t the greatest. While Jake really does love Chrissy and Chrissy really does love Jake, it is a marriage on Jake’s side mainly for the purpose of sticking it to the world, his business associates, the snooty society in which he is a part of, but mostly, his son, whom he wants to mess with.

On her first outing in high society, Chrissy meets Jen, a much older woman and artist who comes from “old money” and who’s the hostess of this event. Chrissy feels a bit intimidated by Jen, but Jen acts very classy and doesn’t judge Chrissy. She is, in fact, very curious about Chrissy. Jen is a bit frosty and uptight, but when she asks Chrissy to pose for her, she feels very attracted to Chrissy and goes for it with gusto.

Playing With Trouble reads like a mini soap opera. The whore, the upper class cool society woman, the wealthy ruthless business man, May/Dec relationship, and the jealous and spiteful son all come together to create a fun little story with some interesting devious plotting and actions by the characters. For a short story, the characters are clearly and colorfully defined, and there’s an actual plot. Plus, the sex was really good.

Sex rating: Orgasmic: m/f, f/f,

Grade: B+


kirsten saell said...

I've enjoyed other stuff by Keziah Hill, but the cover was kind of preventing me from trying this one (why the poser art when both characters are human? Why!!??).

Now I think I'll give it a go. I'll just keep my eyes closed when I open the file...

MB (Leah) said...

LOL, yeah, some covers are awful. Right up there with Changeling Press, which are the worst!