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Review- Jason's Reckoning by Merry Phillips

Jason’s Reckoning
by Merry Phillips
April 2007
Contemporary/ f/f/m/ erotica
Short story-12k words

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Janice and Jason Callahan were a happy couple until her father died and she became boss. Then old fears and new pressures put a strain on their marriage.
When Janice learns about Jason's mistress she devises a plan calculated to make him pay for deceiving her.
But Sherry is more than she expected. Now all bets are off!

Jason’s Reckoning is basically a very short erotica story about two women and a man. I’m not going to say it was greatly written, there were many holes in this story, in the writing, but it was still a very cute and satisfying story of my favorite kind. It's about a f/f/m threesome who stick it out and make a life together and for that I give it more kudos than I normally would.

Janice finds a credit card receipt for a hospital bill that she knows nothing about. Convincing the hospital people to give her the name of the patient involved, she finds out that it’s a woman. Becoming suspicious she checks out this woman and finds out that there is a house for rent right next to hers and she goes there to spy on her. Of course she finds out that her husband Jason is having an affair with this woman, but she doesn’t get pissed as much as she gets curious.

One day she calls this woman, Sherry, pretending to be a marketer for her a book she has just written and they meet. As soon as Sherry shows up, Janice lays out all the paperwork and pictures proving that she is Jason’s wife and they start to chat. Instead of really getting angry though, Janice is intrigued by Sherry and wants to get it on with her to teach Jason a lesson and because she’s attracted. Sherry has been with women before but Janice hasn’t, so it’s all new and exciting to her. They all get it on and decide that they will all stick together being a committed threesome.

The bad- there are many gaps in this story. The story left out a lot of details that would have made it much smoother and not take me out of the story wondering how some of the characters got away with things without being questioned. There were also quite a few spots where the story jumps ahead, telling and info dumping more than expressing what’s going on. It felt a bit like the author got lazy and didn’t feel like really putting energy into it to make it more polished. It has great potential to be a much better book.

The good- I really liked how easy the characters take what’s going on. I know that goes against the grain, but in this case the author made me believe that all are good with actions that would normally cause anger. Janice is more curious and non-reactive to the fact that her husband is having an affair. And Jason’s not all sneaky and hiding the fact after he’s found out. He just kind acts like a little kid who got caught eating cookies when he wasn’t supposed to, no big deal. And Sherry, while appropriately stunned to find out that Jason was married, easily slips into a sexual relationship with Janice and Jason.

Since this is a story about a threesome committing to each other, I think it was good that the characters, especially Janice who is the cheated on wife, are more polyamorous, open and confident in their take on relationships and are not freaked that they might be loosing a partner, but gaining one.

Moreover, the sexual situations were really hot and juicy, which is really what made this little short story readable and fun for me. It's a nice quickie.

I’m not quite sure that it’s worth paying the $2.50 for this story, but since there’s a distinct lack of f/f/m stories in which the three partner for life, it was worth it to me to read it.

Sex rating: Orgasmic- f/f, f/f/m, m/f, females shaving each other, man scaping.

Grade: C+


kirsten saell said...

I, too, really wish there were more stories that end in a committed f/f/m threesome. Not sure how I'd react to the cheathing thing--guess I'll have to read the story to see if I'd buy the wife's reaction.

And at the risk of wearing my ignorance on the outside, I have to ask, WTF is "man scaping"?

kirsten saell said...

oops, cheating, not cheathing...

MB (Leah) said...

Heh, I separated the words but it should be manscaping= shaving/grooming a man's excess hair in unwanted places. In this book, both women shave each other's private bits in front of him, then they shave his private bits. :D

Oh and I really bought that the wife was cool about the the cheating. And you know after my intense neg reaction to that other book, if I didn't buy it, I would have ranted all over the place. LOL

Anonymous said...

If I had not googled my own Pen Name I would not have found this review. Madame Butterfly I sincerely encourage you to contact Promo Crystal at Phaze about her autosend list.

Now about your review. It is right on target. I completely agree with it.

I had considered not writing erotica anymore, until your review. I now know where and how I can improve my writing to make it more enjoyable. Thank You!

Merry Phillips
aka KScappace

MB (Leah) said...

Hello Merry, thanks for writing a believable f/f/m situation. They are so rare and you did a great job on that account.

I hope you do continue to write erotica. You do the erotic part very well. :D