Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review- Carnal Collision by Jenna Byrnes

Carnal Collision
by Jenna Byrnes
Contemporary/ Lesbian
Short Story

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Jada Green is shocked when a vehicle appears from out of nowhere, smashing in the side of her new compact car. She's even more surprised to find the driver is a cute, enticing blonde woman. Thrown together for one night, Jada resists the idea of casual sex until a hot dream has her changing her mind.

Wendi Smith has neither insurance, nor the money to pay for the damage she caused. She's prepared to walk away and let Jada deal with everything, until her heart gets the best of her. When there's a carnal collision, can love triumph over money?

This is the second of Jenna Byrnes' lesbian stories that I’ve read, and like the first, it’s a very juicy story in which two women meet, and after a night of smokin hot sex they decide that they want to keep their relationship going.

Wendi hits Jada’s car and freaks out worried about Jada after seeing that her head is bleeding. Through her dazed fog, Jada notices Wendi’s gorgeous large breasts and feels attracted to her. She was horny all day and was planning on going home and spending the night with her vibrator and the accident didn’t seem to curb that. She gets taken to the hospital to get checked out and who shows up there after while but Wendi, whose finger got broken in the accident.

The Dr. insists that Jada have someone wake her up every couple of hours to make sure she’s fine, and having no one to do so, Wendi volunteers. Jada’s feeling a bit nervous about it but agrees to it. In no time at all they both find out that they are lesbians and they are curious about each other. Jada is African American and is curious about what blond haired, Caucasian Wendi looks like naked, and Wendi wants to touch Jada’s smooth chocolate colored skin.

During the night Jada has a wet dream about Wendi and brushes it off, but later on when Wendi wakes her up to check on her, she seduces Jada. They have a night of the most amazing sex they’ve each ever had and want to continue seeing each other. But there’s a catch, a slight problem of who’s going to pay for the damage to Jada’s car since Wendi has no money.

The Good: As with her book Truth or Dare the characters get together very quickly with only minor glitches, which is good since this is a very short story. Jada and Wendi like each other and go for it, no big drama at first. The conflict that does come up that can put the kaibash on these two getting together is a realistic personality conflict that happens, but which ultimately didn’t disturb the chemistry they have with each other.

Jada is very responsible and on top of things and Wendi comes across as a total flake who doesn’t take the issue of paying for Jada’s car too seriously. What I liked about how they dealt with it though was that both women really wanted a connection with each other bad enough that they are willing to sacrifice something of who they are for it. It made this story a very satisfying read as far as that goes and established that they will have an HFN relationship.

The Bad: Sometimes the language describing genitals was just a little too funky and not very erotic for me. I’m not too fond of weeping, oozing, dripping pussies or knockers and boobies as terms for breasts as well. Why do authors use those terms?

Still though, if you like dirty, raunchy sexual language spoken between two really turned on women during hot, sweaty, gritty sex, then Jenna Byrnes' way of writing sexual scenes in this case will turn you on.

For a short erotic story that doesn’t involve too much more than two people having a night together and taking it from there, Carnal Collision was a fun, sexually hot and quick read in both the erotic and story relationship elements.

Sex rating: Orgasmic- f/f, 69, double ended dildo use, rimming, minor anal.

Grade: C+


Amy C said...

Sounds interesting. I read Truth or Dare and enjoyed it. I was hoping it would be a little more emotional since it's two women, but it was hot and steamy. I'll likely pick this one up sometime too :).

MB (Leah) said...

Amy-- I find Jamie Hill's way of writing sex, outside of the off language here and there, to be really hot. For short, satisfying quickies her stories are good. But you are correct in that there isn't too much development in the emotional area even though it's clear the characters really like each other and are determined to continue.

For emotional development between two women I think Jove Belle's- Edge of Darkness was nicely written. But there wasn't much sex in that book.

JenB said...

Knockers. *snort*

I have a hard time with Jamie Hill's writing. It always strikes me as cheesy and...I dunno...artificial. And the dirty talk makes me laugh, which is generally not an author's goal.

That's obviously a personal taste issue 'cause lots of other people like her books. Very interesting.

(BTW, I just realized YESTERDAY that this blog had fallen off my blogroll. I couldn't figure out why y'all hadn't written any new posts! *facepalm*)

MB (Leah) said...

And the dirty talk makes me laugh, which is generally not an author's goal.

Heh, yeah, for me sometimes things turn me on in context. If I were reading a serious romance, it might bug me. But I think she writes a more non serious fluff type f/f erotica, so the cheesy dirty talk can get me going.

Kind of like watching cheesy pr0n can, even though IRL, I would probably start laughing.

I couldn't figure out why y'all hadn't written any new posts! *facepalm*)

Well, it's not like we're rolling out blog posts every day. LOL

I'm still trying to review for here even though I'm not for MB at the moment.

Jamie Hill said...

I try to put a little humor in my writing, but possibly not where Jen is finding it. LOL

I like to hear all opinions. Makes me stop and think when I'm writing something new.

Thanks for the review of CC, MB. It was a really short story, and not much time for the emotional development. I was going for hot sex. *G*


MB (Leah) said...

Heh, Jamie-- I have to respectfully disagree with my friend Jen here in that even with funky words, I think you write really hawt sex. Different strokes, right? Was the same with the m/m I read of yours, so it's not just the f/f for me.

And I did believe that those two would have a good relationship, so it worked for me on that level as well.

I hope you continue to write f/f. It's becoming crack for me. snerk.