Friday, April 10, 2009

Review- The Wrong Valentine by Dana Littlejohn

The Wrong Valentine
by Dana Litteljohn
Feb. 2009
Contemporary/erotica/f/f/ interracial
Short Story- 5K

Buy it Phaze-- $2.00

Shante had prepared for a night of self pampering complete with dinner, wine and dancing by herself. Indeed, she was truly enjoying herself, but her evening improved immensely when someone else's Valentine-o-gram showed up at her door.

OK… this was a very short story. Only 39 pages on my ebookwise and 12 pgs. Pdf after credits, so I’m not so sure it’s worth $2.00. But what I will say is that what is packed into these few pages is one hawt little erotic story that read nice and smoothly and will get you going.

Shante has recently moved to NYC and is working in a high powered job. She’s on her way home when her co-worker, a really “nice” guy asks her if she has plans for Valentine’s Day and also if she has interest in him. She likes him but is unwilling to get involved with someone at work, which satisfies him.

She goes home alone and proceeds to pamper herself. She bathes and shaves and slowly creams her body from head to toe with vanilla lotion. While putting on the lotion, she can’t help but fondle herself, loving the way it feels and the way she looks in the mirror while playing with her breasts, and she gets turned on. While she wants to wait until later, she can't help it and masturbates to her first orgasm of the evening.

Then she gets dressed up in a clingy evening dress, puts on her favorite ruby necklace and earrings and puts on a pair of 4 inch heels. She turns on some soft, romantic music, lights some candles and makes a nice pasta dish with a strawberry dessert, which she eats with a glass of wine.

Then there’s an unexpected knock at the door. Even though it’s NY and she’s leery about opening it, it’s a woman’s voice, so she feels OK to open it. This woman is the most beautiful woman Shante has ever seen and she’s immediately mesmerized by her. It turns out that this woman, Vanessa, is a Valentine’s Day gift to Shante and she is there to pleasure Shante sexually.

Um… OK… wow! This was such a juicy little fantasy/story and nicely written as well. What I liked is that it’s very unclear if Shante is into women or not. She’s very open and comfortable about her sexuality, but we the reader don’t know if she’s straight and just finds Vanessa hot, or she likes women already. Vanessa obviously likes women although she’s definitely bi as she services men as well. But it’s clear that Vanessa is pleasantly surprised that she gets to please a woman for a change and that she likes Shante.

The sex is really steamy and these two really go for it with each other although it’s more about Vanessa pleasing Shante. It’s just too bad this wasn’t a book. I’d love to read a much longer story by Dana Littlejohn with two women involved. Even though such a short story, she still managed to convey that these two women appreciate and like each other even if it’s a paid sexual encounter so it didn’t come across as sleazy or degrading in any way. Very nice. And there’s a nice little twist at the end.

Sex rating: Orgasmic- smoking hawt, wet and juicy, vanilla f/f.

Grade: B-


JenB said...

Wow, $2 is kind of steep for 12 pages...but if it's really good and might inspire some re-reads, I guess it might be worth it.

Sounds like a cool one. The "unsure" aspect sounds interesting. I like that.

MB (Leah) said...

Yeah, I thought $2 was a lot for this story and if it weren't a hot quickie, I would have been pissed. But what can you do? There are only so many f/f books out there.

I liked the unsure aspect as well.