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Review- Jessie's Girl by Amber Scott

Jessie’s Girl
by Amber Scott
Contemporary/ lesbian/ f/f-bi
Ebook- 50,200K

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Her life was exactly on the path she wanted. The right man, the right career, even the right wedding dress. But, Sabrina’s perfectly laid plans unravel in one heartbeat when she sees the only person whose very memory could always tingle her toes.

Jessica Hayes. Those bee-stung lips, those soft curves. Jessie.

Like an addict, Sabrina finds herself fighting for a reason to be near her, to see her, to touch her one more time. Six years ago she’d been too scared, but today, despite all that she would put at risk, she craved being Jessie’s Girl.

I’ve wanted to read this book for quite a while as I’ve heard much about it. I think this book will go down as one of my favorite f/f stories even though it does have some minor flaws.

It’s Jessie’ brother’s wedding and her twin brother Kyle has brought his girlfriend Sabrina as his guest. Jessie is instantly attracted to Sabrina but doesn’t want to hurt her brother, so she keeps her distance. Fortunately or unfortunately, Jessie’s mom had Sabrina stay in Jessie’s room for the few days she was there and Jessie finds it hard avoid her and what she feels for her as they are sharing the same bed.

Sabrina has been dating Kyle for a few months but is getting ready to break it off after the wedding, not really being into him. To her surprise though, she’s very attracted to Jessie and initiates a sexual encounter the last night she’s there, which turns out to be a mind blowing experience for both of them. Sabrina leaves early the next morning and that’s the last that Jessie hears from her.

It’s six years later and just by coincidence they meet at a Bridal store where Sabrina is getting a dress fitting for her upcoming wedding to Chet. Sparks fly again between Sabrina and Jessie, but both have so many obstacles to overcome; the main one, actually expressing what they really feel for each other.

Overall, I really loved this story. Author Amber Scott did an excellent job of creating a burning passion between Jessie and Sabrina. Right from the beginning I was rooting for these two women to get together.

One thing that I liked was Sabrina’s sexual ambiguity. We don’t know her past sexual experience before Kyle and Jessie. Yes, she did have a short relationship with Kyle and she is getting married to Chet, whom she’s been with for a couple of years, however, it’s seems that her main reason to be with him is not out of a sexual/romantic love, but to fit in socially. She doesn’t really get that though until she meets up with Jessie again.

This was something that bothered me though; Sabrina has issues around being proper and fitting into “normal” society. She has a strong sense of duty to her mother who cares only about appearances and her marrying Chet, Mr. socially connected. At the same time though, she’s been very open with Chet about liking women. He pushes her into a threesome with another woman to sew their wild oats before marriage,--- (I didn’t get this at all. Why can’t they do things like that after they’re married as well?)---- which she readily goes along with. While she’s doing that, all she thinks about is Jessie. So I did wonder why she just walked out on Jessie after what was described as the most amazing night for both of them, with no explanation to Jessie at all.

Jessie is the one who really has problems, because she knows that Kyle loved Sabrina and was very hurt when Sabrina left. It eats at her and she’s hates that she betrayed him by being with Sabrina. Jessie is actually the one who had more of an immediate concern if she and Sabrina continued somehow. I didn’t get why it was Sabrina and not Jessie, who walked away. That’s what makes for good drama though, right?

What did work well for me was the build up of tension and heartache at not being together as Jessie and Sabrina both fight against, and give into their overwhelming attraction. The deep ache and need these two women have for each other is palpable. This is what kept this story very intense and juicy for me. The pacing was just right to keep me wanting them to get together, but at the same time wondering how they will work it out without acting in an inconsiderate way to the other people involved.

Jessie’s Girl was just one of those very sweet love stories between two people who love each other more than anything and fight for their love over what seems to be insurmountable obstacles. It’s my perfect kind of love story.

Sex rating: Orgasmic—f/f, the sex in this book is very hot and explicit vanilla. There’s also a minor f/f/m scene.

Grade: B+


Jill Sorenson said...

I've been meaning to read this, but I didn't love the excerpt. A brother's girlfriend seems kind of off limits. But--knowing that Jessie didn't initiate the encounter makes a difference.

Back on the TBB! Thanks Leah.

MB (Leah) said...

Jill, yes, that was one of the problems that comes between the two girls.

I personally have issues like that as well, when characters do some sort of social taboo on that level. But in this case, Sabrina, the brother's girlfriend states right away that she's not into the brother and was going to break it off.

And Jessie really suffers greatly that she betrayed her brother, which also made it OK for me.

Amy C said...

This one sounds interesting. I'll add it to the TBB list also. It helps that you say this book will go down as one of your favorite f/f stories.

MB (Leah) said...

Amy- Yes, I think this will be one of my favorites. What I loved the most was that Amber Scott really built up the energy between Jessie and Sabrina. They are dying to be together and meant to be together and you feel that.

The sex was really hot too! LOL

Amber Scott said...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Jessie's Girl! I appreciate everyone's candid comments as I learn and grow as an author.