Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've been busy- my new baby

Yes, I got a kitten. She only 2 months old, but actually kind of looks like a grumpy old man here. LOL We got her on Sunday and she's a brave and curious thing and very affectionate. We introduced her to our two older cats who, contrary to the norm, were soft and curious around her. She on the other hand, sits there like David with Goliath and hisses at them.

Unfortunately though, she developed a kitty cold or upper respiratory infection and I've had to keep her separate from the other cats. I took her to the vet, and of course, like a gazillion dollars later, we came home with all kinds of kitty goodies-- along with some antibiotics and L-lysine.
She was very listless yesterday and today she hasn't eaten. And, she's still sneezing non-stop. I did manage to get the antibiotic pill down her this morning since she wouldn't eat her food that I had mixed it up in.

Yes, I know all the tricks. I went and got her some baby food that apparently has a stronger smell, plus some sardines and tuna in oil. I will mix the oil in with her food to give a strong smell. Her nose is all plugged and if she can't smell the food, she won't eat. I hope she will get better soon. Sitting in the guest room all day to baby sit and care for her is not that easy. If I leave her alone, she starts crying, so it's a full on job these days. But she's a sweet little thing and I'm actually enjoying being mommy for a bit.

So.... I did finish The Devil Inside- it's a really good book and I hope to get a review out soon. Still have so much school work to do since I've been very distracted with gardeners cleaning out our yard and little miss Shakti needing constant attention.
I downloaded a short yesterday. I have it on good word that it's a decent little erotic story. Menage with f/f/m. So I might read it tonight if I get my text book read.

All For Shayla by Ava McKnight Jasmine Jade (Ellora's Cave)

Who says you can’t always get what you want? Shayla is a Savannah socialite with a secret fetish for bad boys. When the younger, mysterious Keith pulls up in a hot muscle car, she knows he’s exactly what she wants. Even if it’s only for one night.

Back at Keith’s apartment, there are no strings attached and no holds barred, especially when Keith’s pretty roommate Carla joins the action. Shayla checks her inhibitions at the door and enjoys an erotic ride that’s double the fun, with Keith and Carla focused solely on her pleasure!


JenB said...

What a cute kitty! I think vets love pet owners who bring in young pets with sniffles. You know they make a killing off those visits.

All for Shayla is so sexy and cute! It's erotica all the way -- no fuzzy romance or unrealistic expectations -- and it's smokin' hot! I hope you enjoy it.

LVLM said...

heh, yeah, in three days I've spent over $500. Now that was an expensive impulse buy. LOL We weren't even thinking of getting a kitten.

I'll start reading All for Shayla tonight. It should go quickly since it's really short. :)

Mfred said...

When we brought home our cat Lola, then 8 months, she developed a respiratory infection too. And she promptly infected our other cat. We took her into the bathroom during showers (for the steam), sprayed saline mist up her nose, did two round of antibiotics, for BOTH cats.. all to the grand tune of hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

So worth it though.

LVLM said...

Mfred- thanks for the tip on taking into the shower. I can do that several times a day. So far the other two cats are OK. But we've been giving them lysine for a couple of months, so they might be fairly strong. And the little one didn't have much contact with them. Only issue is we were petting everyone without washing hands in between. Ugh.

But I hope this doesn't go on for a long time. Keeping her separate is hard since I have to stay with her.