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Review- Some Kind of River by Andi Marquette

Some Kind of River
by Andi Marquette
Ebook- Torquere Press

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Rafting guide Dez figures her best friend Mel just isn’t into her. She knows Mel is a lesbian, just like she is, but she's never seen a glimmer of interest from her friend, and would never screw up their relationship by making a pass.
Luckily for Dez, Mel is a little more determined than she is, and will keep trying to get Dez's attention, even when Dez is truly clueless. When a chance game of truth or dare with their friends leads to a revelation, can Dez admit that she might just be Mel's type?

Some Kind of River is one of those very sweet and real stories that make you feel at home and comfortable. Both Dez and Mel, plus the secondary characters are all down to earth, fun characters whom I could really relate to. Especially Dez. It’s not a flashy story, nor is it erotically charged, although there are some very erotic moments; it’s just kind of like being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold day in how Dez and Mel relate.

Dez and Mel have been rafting buddies for years. They see each other and work together every summer and the rest of the year they stay in touch through emails. They are really good friends and this year Dez is getting concerned with her growing crush on Mel. The trouble is, she’s afraid to say anything about it since she doesn’t want to jeopardize the relationship altogether since she thinks that Mel is not interested.

Mel has a crush on someone in the group as she stated during a game of truth or dare. I wonder who it could be? :-) Unfortunately, this has a worried affect on Dez. Mel, in her own way, tries to suss out if Dez is feeling just a bit more for her but is also worried about losing the friendship by bringing in weirdness if Dez is not interested.

The rest is basically the dance between these two in what is the classic “I like this person but don’t know if they like me, so I’ll pretend I don’t, but what if I don’t say something and they like me, but if I do and they don’t like me, then what will happen?” syndrome we’ve all been through. 

Fortunately, Andi Marquette kept the angsting on an even keel without it getting too melodramatic or frustrating, but giving just enough tightness to keep it interesting.

What was very nice about this story outside of Dez and Mel trying to work it out, is the interesting and different backdrop of white water river rafting. I’ve never done that, but Andi Marquette seems to know what she’s talking about since there were specific references to things particular to white water rafting. Also, I liked the fact that both girls are outdoorsy and athletic. The scenes are set in a camping situation, which is just different from the usual.

The other characters are all very supportive of both Mel and Dez and the whole lesbian thing is not a big deal. Whew! I love that. In fact, during a game of truth or dare, there is a kiss that pretty much makes everyone hot and bothered, including the very straight Mary, a co-worker, who lovingly jokes that she would be all over that if it happened to her. So there’s a nice camaraderie between the characters that I enjoyed.

Dez is one of those characters that I could relate to on a real level. She’s an everyday girl: no big ego, unpretentious, going for her Master’s degree and looking for “the one.” She aches for Mel but is very sensitive to the fact that she wishes to have Mel in her life even as just a friend rather than blow it. But I also loved how when they went rafting and Mel, playing around, scares Dez, Dez goes off on her in a very colorful way. She’s not afraid to show her anger and this makes for a real relationship. When you can go off on a friend like that and still be friends, that’s a deep commitment to each other that I love to read.

The only issue I had with this story is in the beginning the writing was a bit funky. This is told in first person by Dez. In the first few pages, many of the sentences are choppy and start with I. I did this, I did that, I felt this, I said that… It was noticeable to me to the point that I thought if the rest is like this, it will be hard to read. However, very quickly Dez and Mel meet and the rest of the story is mostly dialogue between Dez and Mel and everyone else and is nicely written.

In short, I recommend Some Kind of River if you’re looking for a friends to lovers love story that has all the juicy, loving components without all the heavy angst, but just enough tension to keep the pages turning.

Heat level- 4- some graphic sexual language- one sex scene.

Grade- B+

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