Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interesting Few Days

This pic is not from the show. I'm still waiting for my friend to upload some so I can steal them. But this is what it was like

So... I dropped the Mr. off at the airport since he's going to Hawaii without me this year. :(

I have too many classes I would miss if I went, so we decided he'd go by himself this year because his mom is getting up there and who knows, right? Better to go see her.

Just after I dropped him off, I went to a lesbian bar. Heh, it's not what you think! LOL

One of my classmates belongs to a feminist group and they were sponsoring an AIDS benefit, which the ladies who own the bar graciously gave up the room, door cover costs and tips for the night to help them out.

There was a drag show. Now, I've been reading lesbian for a couple of years now. I read some lesbian oriented blogs for a couple of years as well, and I had NO clue about drag king shows. My classmate kept saying there was going to be a drag show and I assumed it would be men. But it was women dressed as men! I feel so clueless.

Anyway... I don't know if this is a common form of entertainment at lesbian bars, but the show went on for like 2 hours and it was women dressed as men, lip-sinking to male rap, country and rock singers songs and.... It was so much fun!!!

They would walk around the room and sing to particular women, or touch a face, or hold a hand of members of the audience and the women would tip them dollar bills.

It was hilarious and so much fun. I had no idea. Some of the performers came up to me, I was sitting by myself waiting for other classmates to show up, but I thought it was nice of them since I was sitting all alone. I felt shy but I finally caught on to the dollar tipping and totally got into it.

If I weren't an old married woman who's normally in bed by 8:30, I would so want to go there all the time. There was just such a fun and nice vibration there, I was so turned on and enjoying so much.

That night though, it started snowing, and snowed all Mon. Mon. evening, a huge wind storm blew in and we lost power. I only got power back early this am. Since we are having unusual temps in the teens, my house was 39 degrees from about noon on yesterday. Was miserable.

The only bright spot was that since I had no TV or internet and school was canceled all week this week, I managed to finish two books! Woot. So I will try and get a review out today or tomorrow sometime.

Have a nice Thanksgiving all.


M. A. said...

The drag show sounds interesting. That's so funny because I've never heard of a male drag show. I know several female impersonators but no male impersonators.

The storm, snow, and power loss sounds like a nightmare! I'm so sorry you went through that and it's a drag to think you might've gone visiting with your folks. Did you at least have some nice, warm flannels or other "comfy clothes" you could wear while waiting for power restoration?

I just finished reading a YA historical featuring a lesbian heroine. I've a rough draft review but I want to hold and polish it up a bit.

Looking forward to hearing your take on "Beguiled" so read read read!

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Snow storms are OK. Losing power... sucks raw runny eggs. In 2006 we lost power for 5 days. I was gearing up for something like that this time, so I'm thankful it was only a bit more than 24 hours. It's miserable.

And only close family are 3 hours away and I wasn't intending to go anyway.

YA historical, huh? I would love to read your review of it even if you don't want to post it. I'm not so hot on reading YA but if it were really good, I probably would.

Cathy in AK said...

I've heard of the drag king show, but never saw one. Sounds like a hoot : )

Glad your power returned and you're toasty and plugged in once again!

Happy Thanksgiving!