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Review- Deux: The French Kiss Chronicles Book 1

Deux: The French Kiss Chronicles Book 1
By Em Petrova
March 25, 2011
Contemporary/ Bi / Erotica
7.7K words
Published by Breathless Press

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Jane is a wife and mother who's stuck in a rut. Spending too much time at the gym perfecting her physique, she learns that what she really wants is someone new to share her body with.

After Margot's divorce, she's feeling frumpy and unloved. Until one day, Jane corners her in the dressing room and makes it perfectly clear that she finds her ripe curves desirable.
Together, the couple shares the passion they thought long dead, and in doing so, discover they harbor a deeper need—to find love.

I was attracted to Deux from the blurb. The wife and mother “stuck in a rut” had me curious; I’m always wondering what  “stuck in a rut” means and if it’s a good excuse to go with a long unfulfilled sexual desire for someone who’s not the partner. If it’s a lame excuse, it could be a negative factor for me.

I was also attracted to the “she’s feeling frumpy and unloved” part of Margot’s description. There’s just something nice about someone who’s feeling undesirable getting some juice, being wanted by someone. So this story looked promising to me.

Since this is such a short story, and it was pretty much all sex, there’s not much to really talk about. There’s no character development really, nor any past history to get a feel for these characters other than what’s in the blurb. However, for what it is, it’s a hot little read if you’re jonesing for a nicely written erotic f/f that will give you hotflashes.

At first I was a bit uneasy about Jane’s nonchalant attitude about what her husband will feel when he finds out about this little escapade. In the blurb, as I pointed out, Jane's bored. However, from her inner dialogue, she’s absolutely in love with her husband and they have a great and satisfying sex life. So her “rut” is more about having strong fantasies that she feels she needs to actually experience. Although she has shared these with her husband, she’s not discussed actually doing anything. So he doesn’t know.

This would have put a bad taste in my mouth if it weren’t for how the husband reacts.

Not only does it turn him on, he’s all over her and the sex they have is hotter than ever. I have admit that did mitigate for me the fact that Jane treated the whole thing as if she bought an expensive pair of shoes that they couldn’t afford and not that she had sex with someone she’s been attracted to for a while without discussing it with her husband first.

The downside for me was that I felt it would have been nice if this story was a bit more drawn out. Jane is the aggressor in the initial sex between her and Margot, but I felt that Margot just went along a little too easily for someone who’s never thought about being with a woman. There was no shock, or hesitation really. Nor much of what she was feeling in the whole thing. They sort of go from being acquaintances to naked, 0-50 without much dancing around each other. Had this whole thing been more fleshed it, this book would have really popped for me.

I also felt that the author took one of the usual short cuts in a short erotic story in that she told more than expressed feelings of love. Jane muses to herself how she has strong feelings for Margot over and above the sexual attraction, but there’s nothing there to show how that developed. So we know she has more than sexual feelings for Margot because she said it, which to me is a bit lazy in writing.

Ultimately though, I liked how this book was written even if it’s not too involved. The sex between the women is very erotic and nicely written. I could see that this is more than just one time thing to scratch and itch. The same goes for the sex between Jane and her husband. It’s clear they really enjoy each other. The husband wants in the action, but is willing to wait and let Jane have her time with Margot to let things develop first. This is one of my favorite types of reads in that way. And there is the set up for the next book in the series where the three of them do come together, which I’m going to read.

Heat level: 5- pretty much non-stop sex—f/f, f/m.

Grade B

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