Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review- Best Friends Forever by Kai Lu

Best Friends Forever
by Kai Lu

Nov. 15, 2011
Lesbian/ Contemporary- Not YA because of the erotic sexual content, but YA-ish.
10.7 K Words
Publisher: Extasy Books

Best friends since the third grade, eighteen-year-old Clarissa Faye and Elyse Jordan share everything— even after school detention at their Manhattan Catholic school. Each has always wanted to share even more with the other, but fear that their desires are sinful keeps the girls in silence, until both realize that love is stronger than the rules that dominate their lives.

I really enjoyed this author's book Je Me Rends so I was glad to discover that Kai Lu has a new f/f book out.

Like the other, it focuses on two young high school girls and rather beautifully captures the innocence and eroticism of a first love, first girl/girl experience.

What I really enjoy about Kai Lu's writing is that there's a definite unique feel to it. The description of the girls and the subtle nuances of what's going on with them is so vividly expressed and I had the strong feeling of reading a full bodied, highly feminized manga. But it never went into that dreaded school girl for letchy men story territory. It's really rather sweet and loving.

It's also highly erotic with very explicit sexual scenarios.

Oh and disregard the cover. It's an unfortunate cover because it gives the impression that what's written inside is strictly for the male gaze.

Again, I can't wait to read another of Kai Lu's books.

Heat level: 4

Grade: Really liked

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