Sunday, October 5, 2008

Review- The Interview by Kira Chase

The Interview
by Kira Chase
Jan 15, 2008
Lesbian contemporary romance
Novella-90 pages

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Best selling author Shayla Bolton is used to having any woman she wants, but is also very protective of those she cares for. When she spots reporter Rae Wilcox at an awards ceremony, she offers Rae an exclusive interview in order to get to know her better. Rae confesses that her job is on the line and this interview could seal her career as a reporter. Shayla takes her under her wing and helps her with her insecurities, but what Shayla doesn't expect is to fall in love.

Rae accidentally learns of a secret from Shayla's past, but Shayla doesn't believe it was an accident. Shayla is torn between protecting the secret and her love for Rae whom she believes may expose the secret in the interview.

This is the second book of Kira Chase’s that I’ve read and although I didn’t like story Destiny too much, I really enjoyed her voice, so I wanted to read some more of her work. The Interview is a very sweet and satisfying love story that didn’t disappoint me on any level. In fact, it left me feeling warm and fuzzy all over and wishing to read more of Rae and Shayla’s story.

What I loved about this story is that Kira Chase managed to really convey all of those feelings of excitement and joy that that happens when falling in love as well as all the insecurities that come up until really getting to know each other. It was very real and well written. The romance between these two women develops very quickly as Rae moves in with Shayla on the first day of meeting. However, in this story, it felt good and right for these two to do that. You really get the feeling that these two are meant for each other.

Rae is a rather insecure young woman who has fantasized about Shayla for quite a while. She can’t believe that this gorgeous, famous woman is attracted to her and wants her, but she has such strong feelings for her that she goes for it even though she fears Shayla might be using her until the interview she is doing is over.

Shayla is a very warm, mature woman of 40, who has been carrying a painful burden for years, fiercely keeping it a secret from the world. I totally fell in love with her as a character.

While the tabloids have portrayed her as a player, she’s not really like that. But she hasn’t allowed her heart to open to anyone for years, either. When she sees Rae at an awards ceremony, she’s immediately attracted and gets Rae into her life. Right from the beginning she treats Rae in a loving, caring, but not motherly, manner and doesn’t waver from expressing her love for her until there is a misunderstanding.

Oh yeah, the misunderstanding. The foil in many a romance. Here it worked for me because it resolves itself quickly without dragging out the pain for the characters or me, the reader, and even adds just enough tension to keep the story from heading into saccharin sweet territory.

There’s really nothing bad I can say about this story. The Interview is a straight up tender and loving romance with a definite HEA and was well worth reading. I'll definitely be checking out some more of Ms. Chase's work.

Sex rating: Wet panties. f/f. Hot, loving and fairly graphic vanilla sex. Dildo use.

Grade: B+


kirsten saell said...

Another one for the TBR pile, then. :D

Sarah said...

Cool review!

JenB said...

Ok, this one actually sounds really good...

MB (Leah) said...

Sarah- thanks! :)

Jen- it is. I thought it was really sweet. And it's a quick read. I just wish there was more sex in it. :D