Monday, June 1, 2009

Healer's Touch

Friends, I totally suck hairy cow dung chips. My blogging partner and great author of hawt, juicy, colorful, erotic romance and fantasy, Kirsten Saell, has a book out in Print today and I totally forgot. I was shamefully reminded by another reader lover of hers who posted about it on her blog. I bow my head in shame and if really needed, will lick some boots. OK not really, but in trying to make amends, without further ado, I'm pimpin her book because I loved it and I hope more readers will find it now that it's in print.


She’s determined to break his eight centuries of celibacy—at any cost!

Darjhian healer Aru has been in exile for eight hundred years, barred from the Deathless Land and parted from his wife. Now fallen from grace and no longer immortal, he can never return to her.

Yet he cleaves to his marriage vow and holds himself apart from everyone—especially Viera, the former prostitute whose sexual energy provides the power needed for his healing work. She presents a temptation he must constantly hold at bay if he’s to keep to his vow.

Viera isn’t interested in fighting temptation. She wants Aru. He wants her. What could be simpler? After three frustrating months working with him, her need for him has reached the breaking point. He claims he can never touch a woman again, but Viera isn’t the type to take no for an answer.

Over four glorious nights, she shows Aru everything he’s denied himself for eight centuries. But a shadow hangs over their passion. Aru is keeping secrets about the nature of his mortality. And now he faces a terrible choice…

Break Viera’s heart, or risk destroying her with the knowledge of what he truly is.

Warning: This title contains: graphic sex, including anal sex, f/f and m/f/f; bad language; inappropriate use of a kitchen work surface; flagrant tickling of ivory; and a wagon-load of good, old-fashioned voyeurism.

Buy it at Amazon and other fine brick and mortar stores near you.

Go ahead, I dare you to take a trip into the wild erotic world of Aru and Viera and... Inella as they work out their love for each other with hawt smexin. And for only $10.20. Why that's like the price of a large box of popcorn and a drink at the movies. And this book is way more satisfying than that and will give you hours of pleasure, without the tummy ache afterward.

So don't be shy, you know you want to and are curious about this book with very hot f/f scenes in it.

And if you've read it already, maybe you know someone who needs an erotic pick-me-up that they can hold in their very own hands, who don't like reading the ebook. It makes a lovely gift. Perfect for any coffee table decoration and topic of conversation when your friends come over. Share it over coffee and general girl gossip.

And to further entice you here is my review and Amy C's review-

So go forth and be willing to be satisfied on every level. You can do it!


Cathy in AK said...

I got a kick out of Viera in "Crossing Swords," and Aru was an interesting, mysterious sort of guy. Between the joy she took in her profession and the fact he needed that sort to do his healing, you knew they would end up in more than a working relationship : )

MB (Leah) said...

I loved Viera. I really get off on female characters who own their own sexuality and make no excuses. And she was just so juicy. Actually the perfect offset energy to serious and brooding Aru to get him out of his funk.

Inella and Karal where fun characters as well. I thought Karal was hilarious in his bawdiness. Loved the way he talked and his energy.

A very fun read all around.

Amy C said...

You did such a great job pimpin this book!

"And for only $10.20. Why that's like the price of a large box of popcorn and a drink at the movies. And this book is way more satisfying than that and will give you hours of pleasure, without the tummy ache afterward."

So very true!

Thanks for linking to my review! I loved Viera and Aru. And yes, Inella and Karal, his gruffness was rather humorous!

MB (Leah) said...

Heh, Amy, if it weren't for you and seeing your post this AM on Google reader, I would have totally forgotten about it at all. I'm such a ditzoid.

And you did such a nice review of this book and great pimpin yourself.

This book is well deserving.

I hope many others come to read it.

kirsten saell said...

You guys are totally making me blush. I really didn't expect this level of pimpage, and it never even occured to me to post here. I know, I suck at promo, when I think of it at all.

You all rock!

Leah, you ought to be in PR. *mwah* to you and Amy!

I'll be running a contest through my blog in the next day or two, for a signed copy. :)

MB (Leah) said...

Kirsten, I'm so glad you're not mad at me.

Really, how awful of me to forget this and you're such a good bud.

I'm so ashamed of myself. But I will have to think about the boot licking for punishment. I offered that in haste. snort

kirsten saell said...

Heck, Leah, I was just telling Amy that I can't even remember my own birthday, so when someone does something like this, it's like a present and a surprise all in one.

No need to lick my boots, unless you suffer from some sort of demented foot-lust. In which case, I'll make sure they're clean... LOL

MB (Leah) said...

Kirsten, I'm also awful with dates and remembering important ones. Unfortunately, with the birthday, everyone likes to keep reminding me! Darnit. LOL

Oh thank gawd I don't have to lick boots. LOL I'd rather lick the choco ice pop I have as punishment. It's a cross I will bear. :)

Amy C said...

You two are funny and that's all I'm sayin...I don't want to get caught up in all this lickin!

Well, one more thing...It's a book worth pimpin!!