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Review- The Perfect Score 2: Widow’s Weeds by Beth Williamson

The Perfect Score 2: Widow’s Weeds
by Beth Williamson
Contemporary/ F/F bisexual/ Erotic
Novella (22, 374K) $3.99

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Veronica Avery needs to get laid. It’s been ten years since her husband died in a car accident. She's lonely and tired of trying to meet men since they all end up with a big "L" on their foreheads anyway. When she joins The Perfect Score bowling tournament, her modest hopes are pinned on meeting a man she might feel comfortable going to bed with.

She's not expecting to meet Patrice Goldman, a woman that inspires feelings of passion and longing in her cobwebby heart. Afraid and confused, Veronica tries to deny her growing feelings for the auburn haired woman, but fate has other things in mind for the woman in black. It’s time to shed her widow’s weeds and live again.

The Perfect Score 2: Widow’s Weeds is very sweet story about two women who find their hearts again through their unexpected attraction to each other after both have suffered emotional pain.

Just for the record, the first paragraph of the book blurb is totally wrong.

Veronica has been widowed for five years. She’s still grieving, missing her husband and will only wear black because that’s how she feels. Her husband was her first and only love and he was perfect. Even though she’s dated, no one has sparked her interest. Her best friends sign her up for a bowling tournament just to get her out of the house and she meets her new partner a few days before.

Patrice is a beautiful woman from out of town and Veronica’s new partner. Both Veronica and Patrice feel an immediate attraction to each other, something shocking to Veronica who has never been attracted to a woman. Patrice is a lesbian and has had a bad break up with her ex but feels herself opening up to Veronica even knowing Veronica is not a lesbian.

They go out to get to know each other a little better and to discuss the tournament and things get a little more intimate than they planned. To Veronica’s surprise, she feels something for Patrice that she only felt with her husband and while it’s shocking to her, she goes along with it because it feels good. Unfortunately, Veronica is reminded by a phone call from her controlling mom that what she is doing is wrong and she blows Patrice off. She can’t let go of what she feels though and has to come to terms with that.

This story is exactly what I like to read. One in which a straight woman feels an attraction to another woman and just goes for it because it feels good, setting aside personal prejudices and fears about that. Both of these women have something to lose and gain by getting together.

Veronica comes from a very strict past in which her mom controlled every aspect of her life. Even though in her 40’s, it’s still hard for her to pull away from such an ingrained way of being. After meeting Patrice, for the first time since her husband died, she feels her heart opening and sexual desire again. When she’s found out and her mom gives her crap for kissing a woman, a lot of conflict comes up for her and she debases herself in the process.

When she goes to her husband’s grave, as she’s done faithfully for years, she starts telling him about what’s happened and in the process she realizes that she really wants Patrice and is willing to fight for her happiness and what she feels even if the whole world will be against her.

Patrice also has a lot to loose. She’s had a bad break up and loosing her heart to a “straight” woman is not the easiest or wisest thing. But she backs off, hurt after Veronica blows her off but stays a friend and open to Veronica for the course of tournament. In the end, these two realize that what they have is very special and to deny that would be wrong.

The Perfect Score 2: Widow’s Weeds is a definite recommend for those who like good f/f sex with the “gay for you” trope and a HFN ending.

Sex rating: Orgasmic- Whew! Very steamy f/f sex, 69, elaborate masturbation scene, steamy shower scenes, and one minor m/f sex scene.

Grade: B

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