Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review- Last Call by Leigh Ellwood

Last Call
by Leigh Ellwood
Dec. 2009
Contemporary/ f/f
8.4K words- $. 99
Ebook- DLP Books

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Dejected and depressed, Janet Stanton hopes her nightly walk will improve her mood. The end of the road leads her to her best friend and a shocking revelation that could change her life. Is Janet willing to take that important first step toward love, or will she miss the last call?

Last Call is very sweet, loving story. There’s no angst or drama, it’s just two women who’ve been friends forever opening up to each other sexually in an easy, soft way.

Once again, I really enjoyed Leigh Ellwood’s writing. There’s just something about the way she writes a story that sucks me in and makes me feel really comfortable. I like these characters and feel their lives are something I’ve been a part of for a long time.

This is a short story (again, a half hour read), and yet, I know so much about Janet. Right from the beginning, the detailed description of her life and who she is grabbed me right way and I was invested in what happens to her and curious about what happens next.

Janet is a simple, good woman who’s life is going nowhere. She’s stuck taking care of her father’s business while being treated like crap and she lives in a trailer park, which her lazy bum boyfriend hangs out in all the time. She’s in a slump, but doesn’t really know how to get out.

Sarah is Janet’s best friend from childhood. She’s got dreams of starting a new business and knowing that Janet is not happy, offers to share the business and an apartment, something they fantasized about when they were still teens. While giving Janet some girlfriend therapy after Janet gets fed up with her boyfriend one night, the comfort heads into a more person arena.

What was so nice about how that was written was that it was no big deal. They ease into it very gently as if it were the most natural thing to do. Janet had no idea that Sarah wanted her all along because being a good friend, Sarah wanted Janet to be happy, so she never shared what she felt. I loved the fact that there was no internal freaking out on Janet’s part. She sees that Sarah gets her and really wants her and becomes her lover with nary a hint of regret.

Thankfully there wasn't any drama for a change. No “oh noes, I’m gay,” and no big shock and betrayal at finding out that Sarah was gay all along. Just two friends taking it to the next level.

What I also liked was that while Sarah is gay, she’s never been attracted to any other women. She’s wanted Janet since they were teens and she’s stuck with that, not going out and exploring with other women. So they are both exploring what it is to be with a woman for the first time.

I'm rather partial to a character who is clear they want someone and they stick to it. There is something about someone who wants you and wants you so much that no one else will do. What can I say, it's an appealing characteristic.

Last Call is a definite recommend if you want a feel good quickie that’s soft and loving around the edges but not all gooey sappy.

Heat Level: 4- some graphic sexual language, but mostly this is written in softer sensual language.

Grade: B+


M. A. said...

Oh this sounds fabulous, I can't wait to check it out. : )

LVLM, I recently read another good "short" I want to share with the blog in the near future. As soon as I wrap up some final projects you'll be hearing from me.

LVLM said...

Yay... sounds like a it could be an interesting story. You know the drill, you're always welcome to post or do what ever.