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Review- The Collettes: Luna by Dahlia Rose

The Collettes: Luna
by Dahlia Rose
June 2008
Paranormal/ Lesbian/ Interracial
Novella- 26K- $3.00

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Part Two of The Collettes.

The Saga of the vampire sisters continues. Sola completed her quest for the first part of the Lazarus amulet with success. Now it is Luna Collette's turn to find her part of destiny. Her ally comes in the form of the daughter of their enemy, Creve.

Georgina Matthews, aptly nicknamed George, is a spitfire and vampire hunter who now she seeks revenge for the death of her father. When these two women meet, more than sparks of anger fly, but an attraction forms that they cannot deny. Will Luna be able to convince George that her life is meshed with the undead to save mankind? Will George be able to become something she has been taught to hate? A creature of the night, a hunter, and a drinker of blood.

The Collettes: Luna was such fun, fun book for me. It’s a vampire paranormal with lots of action that had an interesting comic book/fantasy feel to it. This is the second book in a series of three and I hadn’t read the first one, but it reads as a stand alone except for the end, which leaves off that more is to come.

The Collettes are three vampire sisters who were born as undead, an unusual occurrence as most vampires are made from humans. They are each looking for their specific piece that when put together forms the Lazarus amulet, an amulet that will allow them to walk in daylight and give them more powers. Each sister has a special power though and Luna hasn’t found hers yet to her dismay, since it’s needed to find her piece of the amulet.

Carthos, a powerful vampire who has minions of sub vampire beings that he created, is also looking for the amulet so that he can rule the world of both vamps and humans. And he’s a cruel, sadistic person who gets off on torturing both humans and vamps. The Collettes are trying to get to the amulet before him so they can keep him from destroying the world.

George is the daughter of a vampire hunter who was killed during a battle with them. She’s also been brought up to believe that all vampires are the enemy. When she gets word that her father was killed by the Collette sisters, she goes after them for revenge by first finding Luna and fighting her. Luna could have easily killed her being all super human and all but didn’t. When George touches her though, Luna starts turning into a bat and she realizes that George is the key to her special power. Both Luna and George find themselves getting turned on as well to the shock of both of them. Luna must now convince George that she needs to become a vampire to help them fight of Carthos.

These days, I’m always shocked when I come across a book that I go into just hoping it’s readable and it turns out to be not only entertaining but nicely written. Sad, but true. The Collettes: Luna starts out with action and stays on an engagingly adventurous course until the end. I read it in a couple of hours, which is rare for me.

The relationship between Luna and George is very sweet. Luna has suffered for centuries, even almost being burned at the stake a couple hundred years ago because of her relationship with a woman. She’s a bit jaded and feels that a true, long lasting love relationship with a woman can’t be; that being different precludes her from that kind of happiness, although she longs for it.

George falls for Luna straight away and sticks with her, showing her that she’s not about to walk out on Luna and that true love can happen for people like them if Luna would only be open to it. They are very cute and loving with each other and that part of the story was very satisfying.

The world building in this story is also very well done considering it’s a shorter book. Even though it’s second book of the series, it’s all explained so that I never once felt lost or didn’t understand how it all works. And it’s rather creative as well, using some of the norm in the vampiric/ paranormal genre, but also having a unique twist, keeping it from being ho-hum, yet another vampire story.

What I really wished was that this story would have been way more developed because my curiosity was piqued and I think a lot of little details could have made it better even though as is, it’s a good story. I’m sure I’ll get the third book just to see what happens even though it won’t be a f/f story.

All in all The Collettes: Luna was good find, not only for a f/f story but also in the world of the paranormal where vampire stories are a dime a dozen and many don’t stand out. I wish that Dahlia Rose would write more f/f as that part of the story was so gratifying to me.

Sex grade: Orgasmic- Vanilla girl on girl and very sweet.

Grade: B+


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