Friday, May 22, 2009

Review- Gotcha! by Shara Bloodstone

by Shara Bloodstone
Contemporary/ Bi- lesbian
Novella- 29K

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In spite of her reservations, Sienna Selinger agrees to some light bondage in bed at the hands of the boyfriend she practically worships. But Peter betrays her trust when he leaves to go shopping! And, to make matters worse, she discovers he’s been cheating on her with various women around town. Sienna decides it’s time to leave Manhattan for a sojourn down in Florida

Hired to tend a Tiki Bar in downtown Sarasota, Sienna makes new friends and meets a slew of potential lovers. Sexy Dominic Knossos, a motorcycle hottie who frequents the bar, is smitten by the attractive new bartender. When Sienna considers taking the bait he’s been offering, however, she discovers an important fact he’s kept hidden: Dominic is engaged to the wealthy older woman with whom he’s been living for years.

Beautiful Cassie Hart, Sienna’s fellow barmaid, reveals a secret of her own: she prefers loving women to men. Once Sienna gets past her initial reluctance, she welcomes Cassie’s offer to “try the other flavor.” Sienna soon finds herself engaged in a delightful relationship with Cassie, who’s also the most honest lover Sienna’s ever known.

Ignorant of Sienna’s current love interest, Dominic continues to pursue her, tweaking her fantasies about how to expose his lies and lowly intentions. When Sienna finally devises a scheme involving bondage, Cassie agrees to help ensnare the motorcycle hottie in her lover’s harmless, but humiliating, plot. Can the two ladies dupe Dominic into a compromising situation, revealing more than his caddishness to his unsuspecting fiancée?

Gotcha! Is one of those really good f/f books that I totally love. It’s a juicy story about a woman who’s fed up with being betrayed by men and decides to try a relationship with a female friend and it works out very nicely.

The blurb to this story is actually perfect as is and pretty much sums up what’s going on here, so I’ll take if from there.

Gotcha! is a perfect f/f book for me because it’s one in which one of the women has never been or even thought too much about being with a woman, but finds herself attracted to one in particular and goes for it. Although I loved the girls getting together part, other parts of this story went off track for me, which did affect my overall feeling about the book.

Sienna’s been betrayed by a man she thought she loved. Mainly it was about trust because against her better judgment and personal comfort zone, she allows her boyfriend to tie her up during sex. He knows she’s uncomfortable but leaves her tied up. Not knowing when or if he’ll come back, she freaks. When he does come back he acts like she needs to lighten up, which pisses her off. And she knows he’s screwing around on her. So she’s got some trust issues with men.

Then she heads down to Florida and this really hawt guy keeps showing up at the bar she works at. Every woman wants him and fawns all over him, but he only has eyes for her. She keeps her distance though, thinking he’s probably a jerk by the arrogant way in which he acts. And here in lies my issue with this book.

Since it’s in the blurb, I can say we know that she decides to get revenge when it turns out that he’s got a sugar mama and has been hitting on her even though he’s not really free. And she wants to get revenge on him big time. What bothered me about this is that she never went with him, was not duped by him really and had no intentions of going with him, so her revenge on him is more of a reaction to her ex-boyfriend who actually did screw with her, and I didn’t like that so much.

Yes, Dominic is a turd just like her ex. But since he didn’t actually sleep with or really even overtly come on to her as in directly asking her out, I didn’t think she had the right to do what she did and that put me off this story a bit. Although that did impact my overall view of the book, I got off on the story mainly for the relationship between Cassie and Sienna, and because Sienna’s an interesting character.

Sienna and Cassie’s relationship is very sweet and was my perfect scenario in a way. Cassie is a lesbian. She’s straight about that right off the bat to Sienna and they become good friends working together. Cassie wants Sienna and just simply puts it out there asking Sienna if she’d be interested. She also points out that she’d never betray her like those guys did. Yeah, that’s a bit too much for me because even in a f/f relationship betrayal can happen. But Sienna feels a certain relaxation and trust with Cassie that she needs at the moment and she goes for it.

What I did appreciate here is that while Sienna does have trust issues with men, her going with Cassie didn't have that "men are all scumbags and therefore I'd rather be with a woman" feeling. I felt that Sienna really wanted to be with Cassie out of her own choice and not a negative reaction.

Their first time together is very sweet and real with Sienna worrying about her ability to satisfy Cassie since she’s never done oral with a woman and it’s kind of cute and poignantly written how she experiences that for the first time. And I must say, the sex between these two women was written very hotly. They are definitely very juicy together.

Gotcha! is a definite recommend by me for anyone who likes those “curious” "bi"centric women getting together stories. It’s a nicely written book and was a very yummy read even with the issues I had.

Sex rating: Commando. m/f, f/f, 69, light bondage. There’s only one f/f sex scene, but it’s very delicious.

Grade: B+


JenB said...

Yay! FINALLY one I wanna read!

Great review, and this looks like a fantastic book. AND I have some e-book gift certificates. Just cross your fingers that I don't get any more books to edit before I read it.

MB (Leah) said...

Yaaay! Yes, this one was fun and light. It's my first Amber Allure book I think. I pretty much downloaded all they have with les or bi themes. Maybe they'll be some better stories than what I have been reading. Although I've been on a decent roll these days.

And, ebook gift certificates? Woot!

Have a good weekend. :)