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Review- Paybacks Are Hell by Yeva Wiest

Paybacks Are Hell
by Yeva Wiest
May 2007
Contemporary/ Lesbian
Short Story- 13 pgs. Pdf

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What happens when cool conniving boss, Lisa LaCour, double-crosses the wrong employee? A funny, quirky plan evolves to seduce the boss's daughter and to expose Lisa for the evil bitch she really is. Fun and sexy, this lesbian love story makes one laugh and gasp, as our heroine finds out revenge can be seductive, and our villain learns that paybacks are hell.

Paybacks Are Hell is very short story about revenge that had some steamy sex. That’s it basically.

I looked several times but I can’t find the name of the character who is telling this story so I’ll call her X. X has been screwed over by her boss Lisa who puts the blame on X for things that she has done in the company, and X decides to get back at Lisa. X’s plan is to seduce Lisa’s daughter. It turns out though, that Lisa’s daughter, Adrienne, knows how conniving her mother is and hates her as well, so she helps X get back at Lisa.

This is really too short a story to have anything developed really, but Yeva Wiest did manage to make it interesting and fun. And it is a complete story with no loose ends leftover.

First I didn’t like that X would stoop so low as to use another person to get back at Lisa because part of the feel good in revenge is that the person getting revenge is usually the better person who gets payback. X thinks about Adrienne in a very derogatory way, she’s: spoiled, paranoid, a princess, rather challenged intellectually and vain, so X just chats her up, playing her.

It turns out though that Adrienne is a likable person really and X finds herself very attracted to her. So X does really enjoy her seduction of her and it’s left off that X will keep hanging with Adrienne, which I did like.

The rest of the story is X and Adrienne getting proof that Lisa is stealing from the company and getting back at her.

That said, to be honest here, I read these stories for the sex and luckily there is one really yummy hawt sexual encounter, which is what made this story worth reading.

Sex rating: Orgasmic- basic vanilla girl on girl, but juicy.

Grade B-

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